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Monday, May 19, 2014

Amanda Hocking's Blog: The Hollows: New News!

Amanda Hocking's Blog: The Hollows: New News!: Before I get started on the news about the graphic novel, I want to answer the question I get most often: Will there be a third book in the ...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hemlock Grove season 2 is finally happening!

Hemlock Grove Season Grove 2 confirmed!

"Hemlock Grove" season 2 is official! The Netflix horror original has formally received a second season order. It's not a big surprise, but Netflix sure took its time: the option on the actors was about to expire, so it sounds like some tense behind closed doors negotiations must have taken place. Regardless, "Hemlock Grove" is coming back: the second season will begin shooting later in 2013, presumably to air in 2014 sometime. The cast is all returning, too. Good news for horror fans.
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"Hemlock Grove" season 2 would have sounded like something of a surprise a few months ago. The show was nestled in between two higher profile shows, "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development" season 4, the latter the most anticipated television debut since "Game of Thrones" season 1 (source: me). "Hemlock Grove" outperformed "House of Cards," and according to Netflix was "a particular hit among young adults." But "House of Cards," which had a guaranteed two season order from the get-go, cost an absolute fortune. "Hemlock Grove" stars Fame Janssen, who is certainly something, but not Kevin Spacey level by any means.
"Hemlock Grove" season 2 is on its way. Finally. (Image: Netflix)
"Hemlock Grove" season 2 will bring back its big name executive producer, Eli Roth (not as big a name as David Fincher, to be sure), along with a bunch of new writers, which is probably for the best: "Hemlock Grove" season 1 did not get good reviews from critics. Here's what Roth had to say about the "Hemlock Grove" season 2 pickup:
Netflix members loved the potent combination of sexy monsters, mystery, and the dark family soap opera that ended with a huge twist, leaving audiences worldwide totally shocked. Season One was just a warm up for what we have in store for season two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected.
Okay, Eli Roth's "Hemlock Grove" season 2 renewal comments don't actually say all that much. But that's okay. Chances are, the new executive producer will have more to do with the show than Roth -- that's Chic Eglee, fresh off "The Walking Dead" (ever heard of it?). I don't much care for "The Walking Dead," but lots of people (understatement) do -- and I bet that it can only be good for "Hemlock Grove."
Like the first season, "Hemlock Grove" season 2 will have ten episodes, presumably filled once again with werewolves, monsters, and various and sundry troublemakers. With any luck, it will premiere sometime in between "House of Cards" season 2 and (fingers crossed) "Arrested Development" season 5. The more continuous Netflix original programming becomes, the happier I'll be -- even if "Hemlock Grove" season 2 isn't my particular cup of tea, the better Netflix does, the better off we all are.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Being an attractive mom-to-be

Being a mother is no easy task, but being a stylish mother to be is no picnic either. A friend of mine even complained that all the maternity clothes she had seen so far were not very attractive and all looked like clothes that you wouldn't even dress a dog in. Yes, you are becoming a mother but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still want to look good. 

Alas, there are not many stores that realize that except for this very special store. Adorably called Breastmates. Not only does this store stock maternity clothes but it also features great deals on maternity underwear, breast pumps, nursing covers for those who wish to breastfeed their babies but don't want to bear their breast in public, nappy bags, and maternity pants. 

Their selections range from cheap to reasonable price. They ship internationally and accept all types of major credit cards. 

The website also features accessories, books on parenting, DVDs, and other things for the baby. There is also a section with advice and tips for young mothers.

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