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Monday, June 24, 2013

Autism activist Temple Grandin donates writings to Brock archive | What's On Thorold

Autism activist Temple Grandin donates writings to Brock archive | What's On Thorold

"Temple Grandin (born August 29, 1947) is an American doctor of animal science andprofessor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, autistic activist, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. She also created the "hug box", a device to calmautistic children. The subject of an award-winning biographical film, Temple Grandin, in 2010 she was listed in the Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world in the "Heroes" category.[2]

Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Things I Do Not Want to See in Man of Steel

  As quoted from the amazing blog written by my incredible editor Harrison R. Bradlow

Here is a snippet
"Man of Steel, the upcoming Superman reboot film, is scheduled for release in 2012, with filming set to start sometime in the near future.  As a huge Superman fan, I'm very excited for this.  Why?  Well, part of it is that it will probably be really good.  Zack Snyder has proven himself as a gifted outside-the-box director, which is precisely what the franchise needs at this point.  Plus, anything with "Nolan" attached to it goes up a few notches in my book.

Another part of it though is that I love all things Superman, even the really awful things.  I'll go see the new film, enthusiastically, possibly more than once, no matter how terrible it is.  That's why I own the box set for the first four Superman movies.

I'd rather see a quality Superman film though than another terrible one.  We still haven't seen a great Superman movie, the kind that elevates the franchise from comic book movie to true film.  Superman 2 is probably the most enjoyable of them so far, and even it lays claim to more than one of the items on this list.  No, if we're going to see a truly great film, Batman Begins great, we'll need to depart substantially from what we've done in the past.  And so, without further ado, here are 7 things I do not want to see in the upcoming Man of Steel:" 
    Read the whole article by clicking the following link:

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Self-publishing gains bigger share of book market

    Self-publishing gains bigger share of book market

    "Star Trek Into Darkness: Political Allegory on the Modern View of War"

    A political commentary article quoted from my editor, Harrison R. Bradlow's, blog...

    " The main message, stated rather bluntly by Kirk in the film's Aesop's Fables-like ending, is that when fighting monsters, it's important not to become one. That's a sentiment with which it is easy to agree, but somewhat more difficult to uphold. There is not much Nietzsche I hold dear, but that bit about monsters and the abyss holds truth."

    Click here to read full article

    what's cool is that Harrison also quotes and states this in the first book in the Tales of Aradia series. What he and I strive for her is much more than your typical superhero shtick. We want Aradia to be a political and social statement. Ironically, that is what science fiction is really about. It is expressing political and social opinions in a fictional setting or what-we-think-will-happen scenario if certain current events are allowed to unfold unchecked.
    Mind you, many of the things that occur in the Aradia universe are not exactly current but some of the things I believe are still relevant to this day are expressed in these books. Things like women in power, the drug trade, bullying, victimization, and so on so forth.   

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