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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Book One in the Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Series

The status of Book One's reviews

As many of you know (from my unending prattle and marketing attempts) my book series is available on many different sites.

The entire book series is available on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Smashwords, iBookstore and much more. However, books two through five are unedited hence why I price them so low (99 cents to be exact) I wish I could give them away for free but I like every adult in America I must earn some money. However, unlike some authors I am more than willing to change my books. More like improve them so to speak. Hence why I am so grateful for my editor Harrison R. Bradlow.   

However, whether it be bragging or no, I would like to update everyone on Book one's progress. Ever since Harrison worked his magic on it my sales have risen more than I could have ever dreamed of. 

Before his influence my reviews floundered but now thanks to his influence and help my book has changed from a sapling to a tree

Harrison R. Bradlow helped polish my diamond in the rough novel to something even my father enjoyed. This in itself says to me that his help was a godsend. His involvement in the first book was the beginning of a wonderful and productive partnership that has benefited me enormously. Right now, he is working on editing my second book. His influence and insight will help polish my series into some of the rarest gems in the book world. 

So without further ado here are how many reviews book one has accumulated since Harrison used his Midas touch

Amazon: 57 reviews
Barnes and Nobles:  222 reviews 
Smashwords: 14 reviews
Kobo: 177 reviews 
Goodreads: 176 reviews 
iBooks: 171 reviews 

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