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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Everyone Matters: Team Children

Milton Olive jumped on a grenade in Vietnam in 1965, and saved the lives of four soldiers - including Robert Toporek, who never forgot it. 20 years later, he visited Milton's father - and discovered that theMedal of Honor recipient had a park, a playground, and a housing project named for Milton. Robert had an epiphany.

"Damn, he's having a bigger impact dead than I am alive," said the Vietnam vet.

That's how Robert was inspired to start "Team Children," a non-profit that recycles donated computers into the hands of kids, to bridge the "digital divide." Area companies donate them. His team upgrades them, and they are sold, just to cover costs, to kids, families, literacy programs.

Team Children has distributed 11,000 computers - to reach 50,000 children. Wow!

Bravo to Robert, who inspires all of us to make a difference. 

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Thanks to Danielle Higgins for suggesting!

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