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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Makes a Woman, Any Woman, Kickass? By T.M. Roy

What Makes a Woman, Any Woman, Kickass? By T.M. Roy

"I think it’s her capacity for compassion and caring. Her biological instinct to nurture and protect. And her tenacity and fury when something she cares about is threatened. It’s something I see in many women. I see it in my own sisters. I see it in some friends who are mothers or otherwise have those strong mothering instincts. For sure it’s one of the main reasons the small population of the people in my book-worlds have held out so long against a larger, stronger, better-equipped enemy. People who fight for what and who they love have a lot more going for them. You want to unleash the hounds from Hell? Try getting between mothers and their children." Quoted from the blog post.

one of the things I like about Aradia is she not only uses strength, She uses brains as well.  Her ultimate goal is have hiddens and humans co-mingle in harmony. She's not foolish to believe that such things won't require some physical force. after all, once you show bullies you are not afraid of them they back down (sometimes) Either way, Aradia knows that in order for the hiddens to exist peacefully with the humans she has to organize and crack down on the tyrannical governments living in the hidden world. She's just one girl to face such odds but...what i like about kick ass heorines they take on missions not for money or glory or because they think it will be easy. they take the missions because it is right!

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