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Friday, December 30, 2011

What purpose do book publishers serve? — Tech News and Analysis

What purpose do book publishers serve? — Tech News and Analysis

I will always think self publishing was the only way to go. Many publishers hold too many cards, and the last thing you want to do is play your hand in that kind of scenario.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suicide victim's kin speak up on bullying

Suicide victim's kin speak up on bullying

Twice I tried to comitt suicide, twice I failed, and I am glad. Never do this it may not seem so big of a deal but try imagining what will happen to ur family. they will blame themselves and it will tear them apart.
Guess who stopped me from my attempts beside faith in the Lord? My family. they made me realize that I cannot do this to them so to whomever reads this and has thoughts get help because in the end life may be tough but u gotta keep trying not just for yourself but for ur loved ones.

I keep trying and my family makes it worth it.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How Successful People Deal with Asperger's | Penelope Trunk Blog

How Successful People Deal with Asperger's | Penelope Trunk Blog

One day my story will be added to this list as well. To the people who share my disability we are the Champions my friends!

Books being made into movies...

My best friend Kim pointed out to me that books being made into movies are not necessarily a good thing. Plenty of fantasy books have been adapted such as Eragon, Blood and Chocolate, and the Seeker: the Dark is Rising. They were not box office smashes to say the least. Yet Harry Potter (as inaccurate as the films were) was a huge box office check deposited into JK Rowling's bank. The Lord of the Rings movies were huge as well.

I wonder what makes a book adapted into a movie good? my initial belief was if my book gets turned into a movie i will stay out of the project. However, i think the authors stay out of them too much. Maybe if the authors got involved the movies wouldnt suck so much. One of my other friends even pointed out to me "its your book u have a right to make sure its represented right." I think thats the direction Harry and I will go with if Aradia ever gets turned into a film. We will get directly involved in it. We will talk to the casting people, make announcements to the public, and so much more. Its worth a shot after all.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great news!

Not only have my editor and I have edited and perfected the first volume to the Tales of Aradia series. How do I know its perfect because the moment my father who is a die hard non fiction fan started reading it he burst out laughing! Very good sign!
But I got better news! My editor and his wife are expecting a baby girl! I have already commissioned my mother to start knitting a pink baby cap! i keep hoping that Harry and Amy will consider naming the baby Aradia because I think Aradia Bradlow has a pleasant ring to it. But hey even though Amy herself agrees its a pretty name there are dangers in sharing a name with a character from a book series just ask the guys who are named Harry, Edward, and Jacob.
I have two friends named Edward who still gripe "out of all the names to name the vampire why would it have to be Edward!"

thats my editor's website with the link to the book as well. Be sure to congratulate him on facebook!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Should have announced this sooner

Unfortunately, my best friend Kim who is my usual cover artist has decided that her schedule has become too hectic. She is still in art school and must finish her degree. My editor (being the coolest guy ever) suggested his own cover artist for the job.
His name is Lam Lu.
Volume four's cover art is an example of his art. Kim has given me her full approval for this move. Hopefully, you will all welcome the newest memeber of the Tales of Aradia the Last Witch family with enthusiasm. God knows I welcome him with his wonderful talent.
Thank u Lam for everything.

Volume 4 & 1

Due to the love i bear for my fans, i have decided to publish my rough draft copy of volume 4 in Tales of Aradia. My editor Harrison also agrees with me that for the love of the Aradia fans they must know what happens next. Remember though the newly edited version of the first volume will be available very soon. (like next week soon) in fact it is my editor and my hope that both will available in time for the Christmas rush so everyone will be able to enjoy the magic of the Last Witch series.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

App helps special students with Asperger's |

App helps special students with Asperger's |

its nice to see some people helping others like me.  God knows its hard to live the way we do.

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume 1

After a long and extremely insightful process my editor Harrison Bradlow has told me that this Saturday he will finally email me the completed edited version of my manuscript. Ready to submit for publishing and everything. The book will be a vast improvement to my first attempts which even I must admit was not exactly up to the standards i wanted it to be. Harrison has changed all that. He and I have spent months editing and polishing my book to perfect. The first volume will be available everywhere and for free. Download it for yourself or give it as a gift to a friend. Either way, Harrison and I hope you will enjoy reading Tales of Aradia the Last Witch

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl - parenting -

Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl - parenting -

A kid I used to babysit was always getting picked in by his teachers. I will always admire him for his endurance. The irony is one of his tormentors was the mother of a boy who used to pick on me. I guess it runs in the family.

Pen Pal: Bring New Friends Into Your Life - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Pen Pal: Bring New Friends Into Your Life - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

One of the best benefits I have had by using a pen name is meeting all kinds of new people. Amazing people! Such as L.A. Sherman the author of "Bengali Girls Don't." An incredible woman who experienced many unkind things in life and yet managed to triumph, and keep her faith. Another amazing author I have met is ironically the wife of my first professional reviewer. Her name is RJ Palmer. the author of "Birthright." She and her husband raise six children and one of them has Aspergers. She and her husband are truly fantastic people. My parents know from experience raising a child with Aspergers is not easy. Yet RJ and Albert are not only raising one but they are raising him with five other siblings.  I have had many conversations with them and LA. Some of my best experiences were those conversations I can honestly say.

LA Sherman's book available as a kindle

RJ palmer's book

read their books and get to know them. I have and gotta say one of the best benefits of being an indie author is meeting people like them. 

Can a Book Be Both Traditionally Published and POD Self-Published? - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Can a Book Be Both Traditionally Published and POD Self-Published? - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

I am always happy to give my fellow indie authors some advice and help. After all, we got to stick together right?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to get published to be topic at library | | East Brunswick Sentinel

How to get published to be topic at library | | East Brunswick Sentinel

Why do writers write?

Anonymous - Bing Movies:

'via Blog this'

Okay so I went home this weekend and on Saturday night my parents and I went to the movies. Of course, since my mother is from the UK and my dad's biggest brag about my mother is "she could out quote Shakespeare" to his own mother, an ESL teacher, we decided to go to the movie Anonymous. The movie was an interesting concept really and full of twists and turns.
If anything it gave my dad another opportunity to bestow "fatherly wisdom." He said that "if anything the movie is living proof that truly writers have a bigger impact on the world than anyone give them credit for."
I think thats very true. It's funny people are always dissing writers and authors for not making any money or being insignificant. However, William Shakespeare is living proof that it is writers that make the biggest difference in the world. Look at the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, but most of all the Bible. Mind you nobody really knows who wrote the bible but the fact is the stories are the ones that seem to last forever.
There are some sad examples in the past of authors who don't achieve status equal to their books such as Bram Stoker, and Jack London. Their books were Dracula and White Fang. Two of the greatest books in the history of creation. Unfortunately, they died broke and alone. However, I doubt that they have any regrets because their work has given them immortal status. When they were alive no one knew them. Now Hollywood adapts their novels more times than anyone can count. I think in the end thats what all writers want. Mind you, i would like to be filthy rich. I wont even deny it. I like luxury and I like shopping! Most of all, I like having my own money. In the end, however, if I die without a penny and yet my books will forever be discussed and read for the rest of eternity then I will have no regrets.
One of the reasons why my editor decided to give my series a chance is because he saw potential in it. He saw that the book, Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume One, had something to offer. This in itself is enough to make me sublimely happy. My parents wonder why I have such faith in him and why I think he is the coolest. It is because of those words. I wonder if his wife worries about taking such a big chance on me and my series. My parents are always worried but the fact is the world of writing hell in the world in general everything is a gamble. I know its a huge risk to trust someone I barely know but the fact that Harry is willing to give my work a chance shows that he too shares my belief in that Aradia may very well be the next big franchise.
Besides Harry and I have been talking and discussing the series for the last two years (I think that is how long, I am not that good at time) so he is no longer a stranger. He has such wonderful ideas and is so very smart. I keep playing with the idea that if he and his wife have a girl they might name her Aradia but I doubt it. Its like my friends named Edward (I have two friends named that) because of the Twilight films they always hesitate to tell people their names.
Either way, the thing I loved about the film Anonymous is the way it showed how hard writing is and how truly monumental it can be. Harry and I both understand that. I can honestly say it might be possible that Will Shakespeare may have been a fraud but in the end I think it doesnt matter. If people enjoy a writers work then that is all that matters.
Empires may fall like Rome or Egypt, rich people may die like Steve Jobs, and people who play huge roles in history may have their reputations tainted like Catherine De Medici. One thing stays the same what people write truly matters. In the end it is all people really care about. What a person writes from lies to truth is what people seem to really notice. All the classic works will always be remember even if their authors will not. No matter how a person changes the world what people write about them is all people will really remember. I think in the end, actions may speak louder than words but speech can be forgotten words however are never forgotten. Because you can always re-read them!

Google Said to Be Planning an MP3 Store -

Google Said to Be Planning an MP3 Store -

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Author Cindy C Bennett: Interview with Author RJ Palmer

Author Cindy C Bennett: Interview with Author RJ Palmer: Tell us a little about yourself. I’m not sure there’s much to tell. I live in Sioux City, Iowa and I’m a stay at home mom right now. I...

An amazing woman whose husband gave me my first positive interview. I have actually had conversations with her and her husband. Amazing people! They have six children, one of them has Aspergers like me! Truly an inspiring and amazing family! An amazing author with a family to match. Her book reflects it all. If I ever earn enough money the first thing I will buy is a round trip ticket to Sioux City. I will ring the doorbell on their house, introduce myself, hold out a hardcover copy of RJ's book, and ask for an autograph. Hopefully, they won't call the cops. I look forward to seeing the succes of this woman because it is obvious she will be.

Monday, October 31, 2011

What is life's greatest gift?

Now that's a very hard question to answer seeing as its so general and it depends on so many different factors. For some people it depends on finding love, for others its about achieving their lifelong dream, and with other people its about living your life the way you want and dying happy that you lived it.
However, with some people like those of the younger generation life's greatest gift is that life is unconditional and powerful meaning that it can never change from what its supposed to be or make you invincible from all the outside pain. Ex. gangbangers whom think that is the only life they'll get and therefore have no choice in what kind of cards they can be dealt with. As for the second reason, kids in high school often don't go to class or do their work because they think that no matter how old they get or whatever they do they'll alweays be taken care of.
Sometimes when I look at people whom pass me by on the street I often wonder what it is about life that they find so apppealing. Is it attention, symphathy, and underestanding for that drunk guy hanging around at the bus stop dressed in a purple sunday gown or is it frustration, dreams, and secret longing for that teenage boy in PG (Prince George) county that shot two officers for the sake of  his gang buddies? Maybe its the ten seconds of fame and adoration that makes the popular girl in high school think life is worth living; having things be said for you, dress for the sake of others, have no morales let alone a mind of your own, and all this just for the sake of being treated like a celebrity.
Although, life may have many different expectations when it comes to certain people mostly the media, our peers, government, and culture speak for us when one asks what is life's greatest gift: love, children, succesful career, limitless beauty, power with no restrictions,money, and being worshipped as a god among man in platform shoes. Leading many people that I see every day to follow down these paths women wrapping their arms around their beloved, parents holding and grasping at kids swarming around them like wasps, business men and women that accomplish technology, development, and consumer interests way beyomd that of the future or even the devil, beauty belonging to creatures that can be cut, peeled and disected like a biology frog expriment just for the sake of maintaining their youth, power belonging to politicans that will kill anyone just to keep the sensation of playing God in their hands, money to buy objects that will only interetst you for five minutes until you can buy something else, and last but not least (quite literally) being all of these things at the same time and being complimented, idolized, patronized, increasing value of merchandise, and having the right to treat others as if they are nothing but slaves to your bidding this is what's known as being a Hollywood star thank you so very much Paris Hilton (the bimbo!)
Me, on the other hand, while I'll admit my life has certainly been no picnic and I've got the emotional and physical scars to prove I think I've got a pretty good idea of what life's greatest gift is. When I was born I lived overseas seeing pain, suffering, killing of innocents happening right outside my bedroom window, was judged by my behavior instead of my personality and being labeled as a theraptic emotional punching bag for the terminally shallow and insecure for the rest of my life, driving wedges between myself and my family and not knowing how to stop it, plunging myself into that of a depressive tar pit and trying to commit suicide three times, being hooked up on so many different kinds of drugs you'd find being criminally insane as a better alternative,  being tempted to drink or do illegal activites just for the sake of acceptance, and having very little faith in your future let alone yourself. 
Nonetheless, as the time went by things changed dramatically. I overcame many difficulties such as emotional instability, wanting to die just for attention, bridging the gaps between my family both imediate and extended, completing my required education despite all the setbacks, and finally being able to depend upon myself and whom I am but most importantly becoming a good person that is loyal, loving, and true that believes everyone has a right to live their life by their own choosing whether it be for good or bad and cares for everyone and everything that is willing to let me help them so that is what I think life's greatest gift is: life itself.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Venting (I am allowed to do that on my blog)

The only thing i find irritable about my being a creative writer full of imaginative ideas is the sad fact that sometimes i cant stop myself from daydreaming. An example: when I go out on a date i am already fantasizing about what i will be wearing at my wedding.

Of course couple that with being a hopeless romantic and its really no surprise to me why some men end up dumping me for someone else.

Ironic how life is isnt it?

Writer Wednesday: Ann Patchett Shares Tips About Writing And Avoiding Doubt

Writer Wednesday: Ann Patchett Shares Tips About Writing And Avoiding Doubt

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Author hits top Amazon spot - Dumfries and Galloway Standard

Author hits top Amazon spot - Dumfries and Galloway Standard

I will admit that self publishing and its lack of editing does indeed suck, but the irony is by self-publishing I was able to meet my editor. Funny how life works out?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New cover art on second book!

by Kimberly Mattia
my rocking cover artist and best friend

Novelist ditches publisher at book launch for 'condescending' treatment

Novelist ditches publisher at book launch for 'condescending' treatment

if there is one thing I like about the relationship I share with both my editor and cover artist is respect. It is also the one thing I think many publishing companies lack towards their authors.

In the end, I think the real reason why we writers write in the first place is to earn respect. Money, and fame maybe great if we lack respect then what is the point?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gothical's Book Review's: Books turning into movies

Gothical's Book Review's: Books turning into movies: There are a lot of movies coming out in 2012 but the ones I'm going to show is books that are turning into movies. The following are the mo... Hopefully, my book will one day join that list. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am guessing I have started something

CW’s ‘The Secret Circle’ Premieres Tonight, Guess The Ratings (Poll) - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

Maybe its because they have milked the vampire thing dry but ever since I started promoting tales of aradia there has a been a rise in witch propaganda. I like to believe that i came up with the idea first but I think Alan Ball (the creator of true blood) is giving me a real run for the money.
I am glad I was able to turn this into an idea but there are numerous things I have to deal with and I am not looking forward to it.

1. Witchcraft is a religion and religion in addition to politics are the most loaded and likely to shed blood topics ever created.
2. I am hoping the people who practice witchcraft and paganism wont hex me
3. I am also hoping my fellow church members and family wont crucify me.
(In case you are wondering yes I am a Christian. A Lutheran to be precise.)
4. most of all, i am hoping that this will be able to satisfy everyone involved. Meaning getting recognition for me, my cover artist, and my editor.

either way though, I am playing this out but doing it my way. That is what my parents always praise me for, I dont think inside the box. I actually think about the diameters and how I can play off the dimensions.

P.S. yes i have watched this show. it doesnt seem so bad but they never do at first.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My editor and his wife are having a baby!

Yes it is true! My editor Harrison J. Bradlow and his wife Amy Bradlow are expecting a child. The irony is one month ago I asked him if he and his wife had any children. At the time he had said no but he and Amy were hoping that would change soon. Funny how life is huh?
Photo above is their baby! its probably too early to tell but I am hoping it will be a girl! maybe they will name it Aradia. Aradia Bradlow has a pleasant ring to it.

so congrads to my editor Harry and his wife Amy and their future bundle of joy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Green Water Blog: The Fast Yes and the Slow No

The Green Water Blog: The Fast Yes and the Slow No: In Hollywood, screenwriters soon learn that there are two types of responses that movie producers give to a screenplay: The Fast Yes and T...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Are there too many books?

Some people believe that the reason no one can sell any books is because there is too many. Too many to read or market.

I think that's a pile of crap

Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Top Ten Songs for Writers

From Sarah, With Joy: More Top Ten Songs for Writers: Its time for more music suggestions. Some of the ones I'm going to list are just great performances, but I think what I'm really looking f...

From fellow blogger Sarah who lists what she thinks is the top ten writer songs.
Here's my top five
Paperback Writer - Beatles
We are the Champions - Queen
Jaded - Aerosmith (that's how I feel when I get a bad review)
Stronger-Britney Spears (how I feel when I finish writing a book)
Roll to Me - Del Amitri (just because it's a great song that makes me wanna get up and do stuff like write)

My Top Ten

Top Ten People I admire: My mother, My father, My sister, JK Rowling, Janet Fitch, My Uncle Steven Pressfield, My best friend and cover artist Kimberly Mattia, My best friend and book translator Nuby Caceres, R.L. Stine, J. Lo, Top Ten Favorite Songs Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms, California Love - 2Pac, Cupid Shuffle - Cupid, Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey, High School Never Ends - Bowling for Soup, Bad Day - Fuel (but just the music video), He wasn't Man Enough - Toni Braxton, She Loves You - the Beatles, No Diggity - Blackstreet, Fire Burning - Sean Kingston, Top Ten Favorite Books: In The Forests of the Night - Amelia Atwater Rhodes, Harry Potter (all seven books), Red River (manga series), Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Waterson, Doomed Queen Anne - Carolyn Meyer, The Other Boleyn Girl - Phillipa Gregory, The Queen's Fool - Phillipa Gregory, Courtesan - Diane Hager, Foxtrot, Zits, Top Ten Favorite Shows Roseanne, Full House, Sir Arthur Conana Doyle's the Lost World, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Walker, Texas Ranger, Fallen, True Blood, Avatar the Last Airbender, Ben 10, Top Ten Favorite Authors Jean Plaidy, JK Rowling, Steven Pressfield, Bill Waterson, Phillipa Gregory, Carolyn Meyer, Roald Dahl, Amelia Atwater Rhodes, Janet Fitch,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Telepresence - Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via iPad

Telepresence - Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via iPad

My friends make fun of me for taking my iPad everywhere but hey it helped me finish my book so to those people. Whatever dudes!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Son Of CNN Editor Missing In Washington, D.C.

Son Of CNN Editor Missing In Washington, D.C.

When my mother and I first went to Frostburg I talked to this man about editing my manuscript. It didn't really pan out, but we parted on good terms. However, I still kept in touch with him. When I head about this it really struck home.
What's worse is they found the poor kid. He's dead. He was only 22 only two years younger than me. He was their parents only kid. My dad urges me not to make a big deal, but the thing this stuff happens to my mother and father alot as well. They work in the government after all, many times their former bosses or friends are killed overseas and god knows what else. I think it's finally starting to hit me how hard this can be. It's scary, but most of all I am sorry for poor Stephen and his family. I wish there was more I could say but I don't think there is. Most of all, I don't understand what the parents are going through. I never could.

.W.I.P. It: How to Balance Writing and Social Media

.W.I.P. It: How to Balance Writing and Social Media: Lynn Kelley asked, ' How do you balance your writing time with your social media time?' Managing time is something that’s constantly on a ...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Women and the way they dress

I just recently talked to this author named Luky Sherman (pronounced Lucky) who goes on to describe a harrowing exprience in how she was forced into marriage at age 15. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful she was and the photos that were taken of her. She seems more like a playboy model than an author. Most people would criticize that and I will admit that at first I was apprehensive. But now I applaud her decision because like Erin Brokovich she dresses in a way she sees fit. I often say how I wish we didn't judge people so much by their looks and I still hold on to that statement. Luky is very fortante to be so beautiful and have such a wondeful personality. I think it's cool of her to dress in her own way. She seems very sincere in her beauty and brains which makes her even more enviable. Perhaps that is why so many women critize others. Envy. I will admit that I am envious about how beautiful she is. But I also admit how amazing she is in how she was able to take charge of her own life and destiny, keep her faith, and able to move on with her life. Not only that she is hoping to help others as well.
So if she reads this I just want her to know Luky Sherman like Elizabeth I, Susan B. Anthoy, and so many others you are an inspiration to women everywhere.

I have finished!

I have finished my fourth book in my tales of Aradia series! I have sent it to my editor and to my friends to be looked at. After getting the suggestions and edits I will publish it pronto. Now all 6 more books to go in my ten volume series of Tales of Aradia the Last Witch.

After signing publisher deal, Locke's books may be stocked in paperback

And he started out as an indie author like us all.

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Dictionary Upgrade Dooms Civilization

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Dictionary Upgrade Dooms Civilization: Sexting is now an official word of the English language. We may have over two million words in the language, and the average person uses 5...

It's amazing how people take writing way too seriously. I love writing but because I feel free when I do it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Indie debut thriller ''Brainrush'' hits bestseller list days after release

Indie debut thriller ''Brainrush'' hits bestseller list days after release

There is always a chance for an indie to make it big. Never let anyone tell you otherwise

A Three Way Tie: Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch by L.A. Jones

A Three Way Tie: Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch by L.A. Jones: Blurb: Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exp...

Well I guess everyone can't like my book. I won't deny Stephanie Meyer did inspire me but so do other books like Annne Rice and Dracula. Lucky, I have gotten an editor. Fingers crossed that he and I can both make this book reach it's potential.

By the way Larissa thanks for being so honest. You rock!

The Joy Of Giving Away Ebooks |

The Joy Of Giving Away Ebooks |

One of the things my editor first complimented me on was the decision to make my first eBook free. My sister and her boyfriend helped me to decide this, but I like to think that going through with it was what truly helped me. There are advantages to being courteous to ur customers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Authors Marketing Literacy and Mentoring

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Authors Marketing Literacy and Mentoring: O ne Author's Solution For Greater Literacy My kids are six and three and I wonder what their relationship to books and the published word ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: 14 Additional Random PR Tips

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: 14 Additional Random PR Tips: Raise an Issue or Ask a Question For instance, declare something interesting or controversial. Should pets be allowed to sue for health c...

I am always happy to help fellow author's and give advice although I myself am still too young for that

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My editor just sent me the few pages of my edited book

And I have to say that it is AMAZING! I can't wait until he is done and I can upload it on to Smashwords and my other platforms to sell it. I simply can't wait. My fans will love it! I am just at loss what to do with the people who have already reviewed my book...should i re-send it to them or what? I will have to discuss it with my editor, Harry. but seriously the man is an artist. I will have to remind myself when he is done to post an announcement that it is done.

The Green Water Blog: Writing: A Career You Can Fall Forward On

The Green Water Blog: Writing: A Career You Can Fall Forward On: "When I was 16, my dad casually asked me if I’d decided on a career. I told him I wanted to be a writer. He looked a little pale. “Yo..."

Story of my life, but one day I will make it a reality

Thursday, August 18, 2011

.W.I.P. It: 5 Reasons to Use Humour in Writing

.W.I.P. It: 5 Reasons to Use Humour in Writing: "Humour is an often underestimated tool in writing. While it may not always be easy to write, I believe it’s worth the effort. Below I’ve lis..."

It's what I do. It's in my books and in it's my life. Hence my phrase "my books are my life and thus I give them what makes my life happy"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amanda Hocking's Blog: A Bit More on My Decision...

Amanda Hocking's Blog: A Bit More on My Decision...: "When a reader is deciding whether or not to read one of my books, they weigh a few things. Whether the book sounds interesting, what they've..."

I never know if I will ever get to be as great as her, but I can honestly she is doing what she thinks is right. I only wish I knew where my writing will take me. I do hope however that self-publishing will be able to rid itself of the stigma that it has. I think I will not sign a deal because after school I will have nothing better to do. I will need expertise though. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Some people hate pen names but I just don't want that kind of scrutiny. I wish I could ask JK Rowling or Amanda Hocking if she gets harassment because she is famous? I would like to be famous but I do want the harassment that goes with it but I don't think it's possible to have one without the other.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More on me finding an editor!

He's an amazing guy! From Vegas. With a lovely wife who sees the potential in my book series. He has featured a info bit on me on his website. Wish me luck in this turning into an amazing partnership.

End of the road for professional publishing?

End of the road for professional publishing?

Hopefully self publishing will help build a better relationship between writer and publisher.
Or at least I hope.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The New Author...of Dark Fiction: The Seven Healthy Habits of Happy Writers

The New Author...of Dark Fiction: The Seven Healthy Habits of Happy Writers: "“I’m not happy, Bob. Not happy.” (Name this movie in the comments!) Want to be a happy writer? Some days this seems like an impossible task."

If my book was a best seller it would make me happy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If there is one thing I want to do most

Is be an advocate for anti-bullying. We don't accept racism or pedophiles in our society why should accept bullies? I know it's part of life, but so is murder and yet we punish people who commit that don't we?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its amazing...

Especially when they never ask for your advice or know what the hell it is that makes you happy. My entire life I have always been told I am wrong about everything but then again maybe that's the hazard of living in D.C. Everyone here thinks they know best and whats worse is they have attitudes about it especially bad ones. My dad says that's maybe one of things i got used to in TX everyone not having bad attitudes that is. Here, well like I said its D.C. I love it here though. I mean Bethesda, MD (which is very close to Washington d.c. hence why I refer to it as so) is my home the only place i have ever called home.

but i guess what really bugs me is that people like my dad, my teachers, my family, and my friends acting like i am worthless or weird or God knows what else? I mean they think i am weird when they discuss Paris Hilton's sex tape and how hot she looked in the middle of the TA (theater arts) building where we hang out at the loudest tone possible. Others discuss how easily it is easy to sleep with one guy and then three others. and they think I am weird just because I talk fast, and slur and sometimes jumble my words. Worst of all, they always presume that I want and need friends or people in general. I like being alone because when you are alone no one can criticize you or put you down or make you feel guilty. You don't have to bend over backwards to do things for them or force a smile to your face all the while they are dissing you and making you feel worthless.

My dad is always telling me that I need friends and that I need to hang out with people. He worries when i spend too much time in my room on the Internet never mind that that is what makes me happy instead hanging out with a bunch of dominating freaks. I like being alone I hate being around people whom are always demanding, criticizing, and yelling when I know I am ten times the person they will never be.

I am just so tired of people thinking they know better than me. Whats worse is my Dad asking me constantly to act like an adult and than thinking I am too child like in my mind or thoughts to ever act like one. In other words he thinks I am too stupid.

of course every psychiatrist believes isolating oneself from society is a sure-sign of sociopath tendencies which sounds funny coming from people who are almost always never seen in public. The fact is I could never hurt someone i just wish it was possible for people to back off and back out of my life.

My parents wonder if i will ever get married or have kids or anything but let me tell you something after having a family like mine and the friends that I have now well needless to say the day I am truly on my own financially with my own career and my own place I will never and me never ever try to have a family or friends again. Because I think one of them in a lifetime is enough.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Announcing to my fans: after discussing things with my editor we have decided to change things in my books. Starting the first one. Don't worry not much will change. But hopefully things will improve. prices won't change. I will let you know when i have updated my books. I just wanted to let you all know seeing as I never want my fans to be left out of the loop.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

City of Salem, MA - Backyard Beaches

City of Salem, MA - Backyard Beaches

in case anyone wants to know more info about the beach mentioned in book 2. Yes it is indeed called Dead Horse Beach

Friday, July 29, 2011

If you wanna know more about me...Look no further! At least for a while.

12 or 20 questions
conducted by rob mclennan
I saw this on his blog. I wanted to contact him and see if we could conduct an interview but I couldn't find a way to reach him. Therefore, I am just going to answer this questions post my answers and acknowledge that these are his original questions. If he wishes for me to take them down he can contact me and I will.

1 - How did your first book change your life? How does your most recent work compare to your previous? How does it feel different?

For many years, i had always said that i wanted to be a writer, but i never really finished anything outside of school. I would always brag about my ideas to my friends and family, but eventually I would lose interest that really bothered me that I would say so much but not do anything. After talking to my uncle Steven Pressfield (author of the War of Art) and reading his book he helped conquer my resistance to actually writing. One day after buying my iPad 1 I just sat down and started writing. So how it changed my life was like helping to prove to myself that I can actually take myself seriously as a writer. My most recent is the fourth volume in the series. It compares in the fact that i have recently hired an editor so i don't have to worry about taking a shot in the dark with my work. I will actually be getting some quality help. Tales of Aradia The Last Witch I think is different because I have actually finished it and I take it seriously. Most of all, I own up to it's flaws. I am a newbie writer so saying I am an amateur is a bit of an understatement. But because it means so much I care about improving it! 

2 - How did you come to fiction first, as opposed to, say, poetry or non-fiction?

I have always loved fantasy. Ever since i was little and make up games with my little sister. She said the best part about playing with me was the fact that I was so creative. In high school, I wrote poetry but it had too many rules and i like doing my own thing. I like non-fiction so I think I will start writing that later on in life. Such as biographies about my father and one of my friends and her family. 

3 - How long does it take to start any particular writing project? Does your writing initially come quickly, or is it a slow process? Do first drafts appear looking close to their final shape, or does your work come out of copious notes?

I always do research first. This takes a while especially the Internet and separating all the info. Once I get going, I am virtually unstoppable in my writing. However, it's hard to motivate myself. I am huge procrastinator. The first drafts always look shoddy, but that's what a first draft is. I write without holding back and then I go over things. But only after I send it to my friends and family to look over.  I do take notes, and bookmark my info. Always. 

4 - Where does a piece of fiction usually begin for you? Are you an author of short pieces that end up combining into a larger project, or are you working on a "book" from the very beginning?

It always starts with an idea. Since I have become a TV addict I get my ideas from movies and tv shows and think that I can improve them. I know that sounds like copying, but everyone needs inspiration right? I always make sure in the end my idea is essentially different from the original. I never really much cared for short stories because they end up becoming more complicated than necessary. Either way I like novel so I write those. 

5 - Are public readings part of or counter to your creative process? Are you the sort of writer who enjoys doing readings?

I like giving support to fellow writers and people who have Aspergers Syndrome like me. But I have never really liked public speaking so my editor does it for me. I hate being in the spotlight because there are a million things that can go wrong. So no I don't enjoy readings. 

6 - Do you have any theoretical concerns behind your writing? What kinds of questions are you trying to answer with your work? What do you even think the current questions are?

I like writing about real-life concepts, but if I base it on fiction no one can take offense by it. 
The questions I am trying to answer or more like trying to prove is that teenagers and younger kids care a lot more about the world than people wish to acknowledge. They care about politics, violence, people, and other things too. With my current work I try to work in angle that if you were the last of your kind what would you do about it? Most of all, if you had the opportunity to change everything for the better would you take it. 

7 – What do you see the current role of the writer being in larger culture? Does s/he even have one? What do you think the role of the writer should be?

I think the role a writer has is being a source of inspiration and role model, which is I think how it should be. If I become famous (and it's very likely I will not because there are over a trillion better writers then me) I hope to become an advocate and role model for people with Aspergers Syndrome.   

8 - Do you find the process of working with an outside editor difficult or essential (or both)?

I consider it very essential. I maybe a good writer, but I do need an editor. Everyone needs help, and I am no exception. 

9 - What is the best piece of advice you've heard (not necessarily given to you directly)?

Never be afraid to ask for help. 

10 - What kind of writing routine do you tend to keep, or do you even have one? How does a typical day (for you) begin?

Currently, I am in college and i made a promise to my mother and sister over a year ago not to let my writing ruin my education. I passed my first semester, but i did hit a few rough spots. My father supports my writing, but he thinks my writing was to blame for that. I don't know for sure if that is how he feels, but he is a typical dad who likes to blame other things besides his little girl. Either way, next semester I have made a promise to my father to put off my writing until the end of it. I always keep my promise to my family so I keep my writing routine adjusted to that. In order to pass college I am always taking classes so a typical day is after studying i try to write a little. 

11 - When your writing gets stalled, where do you turn or return for (for lack of a better word) inspiration?

Ironically, I watch TV or listen to music. 

12 - If there was a fire, what's the first thing you'd grab?

My iPad. 

13 - David W. McFadden once said that books come from books, but are there any other forms that influence your work, whether nature, music, science or visual art?

 I like to believe that everything from my past, to present, and everything around me influences my work. So all of the above 

14 - What other writers or writings are important for your work, or simply your life outside of your work?

My mentor of course who is my uncle Steven Pressfield. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes who published her first book at thirteen. Alexandra ivy who made me realize a book could be serious and make you laugh at the same time. 

15 - What would you like to do that you haven't yet done?

Have my books become best sellers. 

16 - If you could pick any other occupation to attempt, what would it be? Or, alternately, what do you think you would have ended up doing had you not been a writer?

An actress. 

17 - What made you write, as opposed to doing something else?

 I have just always had that knack for it. My parents always told me the happiest they ever were was when they say me writing for the first time. 

18 - What was the last great book you read? What was the last great film?

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Romeo Must Die. 

19 - What are you currently working on?

A ten volume series entitled Tales of Aradia the Last Witch. 

20- If your fans wish to contact you what should they do?
Go on my blog and follow me. 

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Lest I forget my first professional reviewer: Albert Robinson III
He was the first professional reviewer to accept my book which is more than I could have ever asked for. But even better he gave me an outstanding review on Smashwords, amazon, and barnes and nobles! Thank you so much Albert! U rock!
In case u r wondering yes indeed he is accepting other indie books to review. Check out his blog to see his review policy.

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