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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book 6 release date has been delayed

  My father once promised that he would support my writing career and in fact after looking over my tax information and adding up how much money I have made this past year even he admitted that he was glad he made that promise. However, like many deals in this world there are always conditions that must be meet. It's no seceret that I am very poor student so to speak. In other words, the odds of me getting a scholarship are like the odds of discovering a cure for P.M.S. it is not bloody likely. That being said my father and my family has made me promise that my writing will not intefer with my schooling. It hasn't. However, due to unfortante circumstances I will be forced to drop a class this semester. In the eyes of my family it is the same as failing and because nothing matters more than schooling I must make up this mistake. 
Bottom line: I have promised my fans every summer to release a new book in my series but because I have failed my class then this cannot be done. I will have to delay releasing book 6 until next year. I am sorry everyone but it can't be helped. 

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