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Thursday, April 25, 2013

New reviews!

Two new reviews for book 3! 
Thanks Michelle! You rock!

  Review by: Michelle Kleiber on April 25, 2013 : star star star star star 

Ok not sure what happened to my review so here goes $2. This is another amazing book with new characters, plots, twists, and turns. You want to find out who Aradia chooses out of her suitors (READ THIS). Shh I am not going to say anymore!! If you want to believe in something, then it should be in this series and in LA JONES..Simply wonderful. Great job.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Michelle Kleiber on April 25, 2013 : star star star star star 
I am still amazed how this story continues to grow with new characters, plots, twists, and turns. Read this if you want to see if Aradia chooses Roy, Dax, or some of her other suitors. Shhh not going to spoil the end!! All I can say is AMAZING. You want to believe in something then it should be this series and LA Jones. Thanks again for another great book.

New review on book 2!

New review on book 2 on
Thanks Michelle! You rock!

Review by: Michelle Kleiber on April 25, 2013 
star star star star star 
Wow I am really getting addicted to this series as much as my craving for Diet Coke. These characters are so much like everyday people such as Dax, Tristan, Roy, and especially Aradia. They could very well be my best friends, ex-boyfriend, and worst enemy lol. Though rape is a negative thing, you can see Aradia's bravery and courage to live past it and move on. Aradia and I have both faced that same evil and survived!! For the non-believers, yes $1.00 or two seems like a lot to spend, but think of the time and personal effort La Jones put into this series. I can 
guarantee you it took much more than that to write this book. La Jones your creativity and wit is refreshing...a lot of this is lacking in today's authors. I personally give you a thumbs up.

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