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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fan art in regards to the contest

Example of Fan 

submitted art 

By one of my 

Favorite Aradians

Devanie Carpenter 

Free contest!

Nowadays it is not uncommon to see many products with book covers or phrases from book series being featured. Many indie authors such as Lizzy Ford has developed this in products such as bookmarks.
I figured that this would be a great thing to try but rather than design everything myself I will give my fellow Aradians a chance to submit designs and things. You can also submit an idea for what kind of product you want your design to appear on. Anything from a t-shirt to a tote bag to even a bumper sticker.

There is only one catch: you must submit your design to my email address at
If they meet with both my and my editor Harrison R. Bradlow's approval then we will use them.

Keep in mind you can suggest what type of product you want it to be used on.

Don't worry if we approve you will get a percentage of the products sales and we will acknowledge your name with design. You can even give it your own personal signature.

The contest will last until next year the sixth book comes out. So either way, everybody wins.

Good luck my fellow Aradians.
The designs are things you can come up with on your own. The same with the products but here are some examples of the products you can choose:

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