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Monday, July 4, 2011

What is life's greatest gift?

Now that's a very hard question to answer seeing as its so general and it depends on so many different factors. For some people it depends on finding love, for others its about achieving their lifelong dream, and with other people its about living your life the way you want and dying happy that you lived it.

However, with some people like those of the younger generation life's greatest gift is that life is unconditional and powerful meaning that it can never change from what its supposed to be or make you invincible from all the outside pain. Ex. gangbangers whom think that is the only life they'll get and therefore have no choice in what kind of cards they can be dealt with. As for the second reason, kids in high school often don't go to class or do their work because they think that no matter how old they get or whatever they do they'll alweays be taken care of.

Sometimes when I look at people whom pass me by on the street I often wonder what it is about life that they find so apppealing. Is it attention, symphathy, and underestanding for that drunk guy hanging around at the bus stop dressed in a purple sunday gown or is it frustration, dreams, and secret longing for that teenage boy in PG (Prince George) county that shot two officers for the sake of  his gang buddies? Maybe its the ten seconds of fame and adoration that makes the popular girl in high school think life is worth living; having things be said for you, dress for the sake of others, have no morales let alone a mind of your own, and all this just for the sake of being treated like a celebrity.

Although, life may have many different expectations when it comes to certain people mostly the media, our peers, government, and culture speak for us when one asks what is life's greatest gift: love, children, succesful career, limitless beauty, power with no restrictions,money, and being worshipped as a god among man in platform shoes. Leading many people that I see every day to follow down these paths women wrapping their arms around their beloved, parents holding and grasping at kids swarming around them like wasps, business men and women that accomplish technology, development, and consumer interests way beyomd that of the future or even the devil, beauty belonging to creatures that can be cut, peeled and disected like a biology frog expriment just for the sake of maintaining their youth, power belonging to politicans that will kill anyone just to keep the sensation of playing God in their hands, money to buy objects that will only interetst you for five minutes until you can buy something else, and last but not least (quite literally) being all of these things at the same time and being complimented, idolized, patronized, increasing value of merchandise, and having the right to treat others as if they are nothing but slaves to your bidding this is what's known as being a Hollywood star thank you so very much Paris Hilton (the bimbo!)

Me, on the other hand, while I'll admit my life has certainly been no picnic and I've got the emotional and physical scars to prove I think I've got a pretty good idea of what life's greatest gift is. When I was born I lived overseas seeing pain, suffering, killing of innocents happening right outside my bedroom window, was judged by my behavior instead of my personality and being labeled as a theraptic emotional punching bag for the terminally shallow and insecure for the rest of my life, driving wedges between myself and my family and not knowing how to stop it, plunging myself into that of a depressive tar pit and trying to commit suicide three times, being hooked up on so many different kinds of drugs you'd find being criminally insane as a better alternative,  being tempted to drink or do illegal activites just for the sake of acceptance, and having very little faith in your future let alone yourself. 

Nonetheless, as the time went by things changed dramatically. I overcame many difficulties such as emotional instability, wanting to die just for attention, bridging the gaps between my family both imediate and extended, completing my required education despite all the setbacks, and finally being able to depend upon myself and whom I am but most importantly becoming a good person that is loyal, loving, and true that believes everyone has a right to live their life by their own choosing whether it be for good or bad and cares for everyone and everything that is willing to let me help them so that is what I think life's greatest gift is: life itself.

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