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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its amazing...

Especially when they never ask for your advice or know what the hell it is that makes you happy. My entire life I have always been told I am wrong about everything but then again maybe that's the hazard of living in D.C. Everyone here thinks they know best and whats worse is they have attitudes about it especially bad ones. My dad says that's maybe one of things i got used to in TX everyone not having bad attitudes that is. Here, well like I said its D.C. I love it here though. I mean Bethesda, MD (which is very close to Washington d.c. hence why I refer to it as so) is my home the only place i have ever called home.

but i guess what really bugs me is that people like my dad, my teachers, my family, and my friends acting like i am worthless or weird or God knows what else? I mean they think i am weird when they discuss Paris Hilton's sex tape and how hot she looked in the middle of the TA (theater arts) building where we hang out at the loudest tone possible. Others discuss how easily it is easy to sleep with one guy and then three others. and they think I am weird just because I talk fast, and slur and sometimes jumble my words. Worst of all, they always presume that I want and need friends or people in general. I like being alone because when you are alone no one can criticize you or put you down or make you feel guilty. You don't have to bend over backwards to do things for them or force a smile to your face all the while they are dissing you and making you feel worthless.

My dad is always telling me that I need friends and that I need to hang out with people. He worries when i spend too much time in my room on the Internet never mind that that is what makes me happy instead hanging out with a bunch of dominating freaks. I like being alone I hate being around people whom are always demanding, criticizing, and yelling when I know I am ten times the person they will never be.

I am just so tired of people thinking they know better than me. Whats worse is my Dad asking me constantly to act like an adult and than thinking I am too child like in my mind or thoughts to ever act like one. In other words he thinks I am too stupid.

of course every psychiatrist believes isolating oneself from society is a sure-sign of sociopath tendencies which sounds funny coming from people who are almost always never seen in public. The fact is I could never hurt someone i just wish it was possible for people to back off and back out of my life.

My parents wonder if i will ever get married or have kids or anything but let me tell you something after having a family like mine and the friends that I have now well needless to say the day I am truly on my own financially with my own career and my own place I will never and me never ever try to have a family or friends again. Because I think one of them in a lifetime is enough.

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