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Friday, September 16, 2011

I am guessing I have started something

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Maybe its because they have milked the vampire thing dry but ever since I started promoting tales of aradia there has a been a rise in witch propaganda. I like to believe that i came up with the idea first but I think Alan Ball (the creator of true blood) is giving me a real run for the money.
I am glad I was able to turn this into an idea but there are numerous things I have to deal with and I am not looking forward to it.

1. Witchcraft is a religion and religion in addition to politics are the most loaded and likely to shed blood topics ever created.
2. I am hoping the people who practice witchcraft and paganism wont hex me
3. I am also hoping my fellow church members and family wont crucify me.
(In case you are wondering yes I am a Christian. A Lutheran to be precise.)
4. most of all, i am hoping that this will be able to satisfy everyone involved. Meaning getting recognition for me, my cover artist, and my editor.

either way though, I am playing this out but doing it my way. That is what my parents always praise me for, I dont think inside the box. I actually think about the diameters and how I can play off the dimensions.

P.S. yes i have watched this show. it doesnt seem so bad but they never do at first.

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