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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great news!

Not only have my editor and I have edited and perfected the first volume to the Tales of Aradia series. How do I know its perfect because the moment my father who is a die hard non fiction fan started reading it he burst out laughing! Very good sign!
But I got better news! My editor and his wife are expecting a baby girl! I have already commissioned my mother to start knitting a pink baby cap! i keep hoping that Harry and Amy will consider naming the baby Aradia because I think Aradia Bradlow has a pleasant ring to it. But hey even though Amy herself agrees its a pretty name there are dangers in sharing a name with a character from a book series just ask the guys who are named Harry, Edward, and Jacob.
I have two friends named Edward who still gripe "out of all the names to name the vampire why would it have to be Edward!"

thats my editor's website with the link to the book as well. Be sure to congratulate him on facebook!

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