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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lily the belle of the books!

When I was little is when the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast came out. It was a big part of my family's life. It's also why I kind of feel sorry for the kids during this age cause they never got to grow up with the wonderful movies I did.
When my sister and I were little we of course would pretend to be Disney princesses. Since there was no shortage of blonde princesses in Disney my sister could choose whomever she wanted. As for me, I always felt torn. I loved the little mermaid because in my opinion she was the first redheaded heroine besides anne of green gables that is. Anyway, I did feel a certain loyalty to her as a fellow redhead. However, when Beauty and the Beast came out everything changed. Why? Because the heroine had a quality I found irresistible. She loved books! And she was considered odd by other people. I felt that way all the time and books to me were more precious than gold.
I guess you could say that was my first love triangle. I loved Ariel but that was before Belle came along.
The fact that my mother spoke French fluently also helped to steer my love towards Belle. In addition to my father's favorite Disney song being 'be our guest'.
Now you must be wondering why I am telling you all this? Well..most of you now know that my editor has had his first child. A lovely little girl named Lillian. I have already started calling her Lily. I like nicknames so sue me! Anyway my philosophy is this...every child should be exposed to Disney culture. It is truly the best. Such things would include the Lion King, Snow White and so on so forth.
However, being Harry's partner I decided to take a preemptive move. Since I am the author of the tales of Aradia series I felt that I should buy something for the little angel. So I decided to go to the Disney Store.
Every child has a stuffed animal when they are little. So upon seeing the little plush Belle dolls I made my decision.

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