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Friday, June 22, 2012

Help Save Our Home!

I know that there are probably millions of other people out there that are probably going through the same thing, so you probably ask yourself, why should I care about you? Your right, I’m not that special, but let me say this, unless someone cares a whole lot, then no one will ever care, and nothing will ever change, there will still be homeless people and families like myself that will never know what their own American dream is like. So the least you can do is make a difference for this family. Unfortunately, since I’m really short on money, I do not have much to give you in return for your donations. All I can offer is my artwork that I do since I am an artist. I have my own website with a gallery of all the artwork I have done over the years, I can offer your prints and posters of various sizes of any piece of work you like from my gallery.  You can visit my website here at
Help Save My Home

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