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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its hilarious really...

In case it hasn't already been established I am a female. One of the reasons why they changed Joanna Rowling's to show just J.K. is because the publisher believed that only male authors would be accepted as popular. In other words, he believed that if people knew she was female they would never buy her books.
Its funny how we females get so much crud. I am not saying males do not either but since I am a woman i can only say what i feel is a woman's perspective.
The biggest drags of being female I think are:
The pressure to look pretty
Being portrayed as sexual objects
The pressure or biological need to one day be a mother and a wife even if it does not suit your lifestyle

I feel these pressures every day especially rejection. I am learning to live on with my life. Although people believe that if they offend me i will turn psychotic and start setting their stuff on fire. I can assure you however that once my prom date stood up for the night of the prom I bore him no grudges. He avoided me like the plague when in reality it didn't mean anything to me. It's hard but i have learned to roll with the punches. Whats hilarious is when he accidentally saw me again, he froze like a deer in the headlights, I just shrugged, walked by him and said hey. I swear i could hear his jaw drop.

In the end for all the men who have broken my heart I just want them to be happy because that is the kind of person I am. I can dream of vengeance but in reality i could never be that cruel.

Why i am saying all this is the last year every single guy whom i have found attractive has either moved on or moved up. I wont deny it bothers me that i have been unable to hold onto a guy but in the end I always accept such things. I just find it hilarious that every guy i am interested in either leaves me or does not want me. But its alright to tell the truth i am not really looking for a relationship.  What I am looking for is stability in my life so the day I graduate from college, and finally start getting my franchise on the roll then I shall see what happens.

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  1. LA you are still young. I didn't meet my husband until I was over 40. So don't let all this crap worry you, it is completely normal and really doesn't matter at all in the long run. You're better without heavy relationships until your life is stable I think. If you feel a need for affection a dog is a much better investment.


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