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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Class and style

 Classes are going pretty well, and the change in my medication dosage has thankfully taken away alot of my hyperactive behavior. I'm feeling a bit tired though but hey I woke up at 4 AM today so I shouldn't be too suprised besides with all the rapid change in the weather we get around here its impossible not to be affected both emotionally & physically. Hope it doesn't last I hate feeling tired; I get awful headaches and very irritated and believe me the last thing I want to be in my house is irritable because if I accidentally take out on Mom or Heather I might as well notify the next of my kin.

   I saw a really weird but interesting news report the other day on NBC 24. It was about adultery you know affairs and the emotions plus the consquences involved. They said that the rate of adultery not to mention divorce in America has dramatically risen in the last two years from 50% to 52%! That's only the ratio of KNOWN affairs,however, because people can cheat on their spouses for year upon year and not even their kids find out about it. Why do people cheat on their spouses anyway? I mean, the only reasons I can see are sex and that's basically it. Would you really want to be with someone for the rest of your life it the only thing that was between the two of you was sex? I know I wouldn't but then again I'm a girl so...Not that women don't cheat as much as men do of course. Ever seen Unfaithful with Diane Lane & Richard Gere? Great movie & screenplay but oh man was it sad. There absolutely no words to describe how sad it was in fact I nearly puked at the end because of all my crying.

   But what I can't figure out is why do people only make movies about men & women who succumb to affairs? Not everybody that gets attracted to someone else ends up cheating on their wife or husband. Want an example? My Mom & my Dad. My parents have been together for 29 years! Their anniversary is in July on the 14th. They met when they were college at Straford University in the U.K. (Mom says people aren't allowed to call it England any more just like they can't call Cope' Du Voi're the Ivory Coast. They traveled there actually when they first joined the foreign service Mom said it was really nice but that was before the civil war kicked in) Dad was a visiting student from UCLA and Mom was an actual student at Strafford. They didn't know or notice each other at first after all my Dad was American, and my Mom already had a boyfriend but he was an idiot anyway so it wasn't that big of loss on her part. Anyway, they didn't know each other that well until a camping trip was arranged by one of the teachers in a class they had together. Mom went and so did Dad neither one expecting anything "exciting" to happpen. My Dad who was once a real "ladies man" *shudder* had just broken up with his own girlfriend and decided to put off women for a while to focus on his college career. Figures it didn't last long. Everything was going pretty well on the camping trip, pretty boring as Mom can recall it but this is where the romantic part kicks in. You see during the trip one of the teachers wanted a group photo so he gathered everybody up including my Mom and Dad  around the campfire to take it. They all huddled up as not exclude anyone and my Dad put his arm around my Mom's shoulder and that was all it took. For when the picture was offically Mom and Dad still sat next to each other talking, and smiling with my Dad's arm wrapped around her shoulders.

   Pretty cool huh? A real romance novel kind of thing wouldn't you agree? The story doesn't end there, however, and neither does the fairy-tale romance. 'Cause remember my Dad was still an American college student so after his visit to Strattford  was over he would have to go back to Califorina. Mom's friends told her to break it off since everybody knows the old phrase "long distance relationships never work". But never has anyone in history since the New Testament was written has a phrase or belief ever been so wrong! For by that time (the end of Dad's visit to be specific) Mom and my Dad were hoplessly in love with each other. Dad still went back to CO, however, but even though they were more then 3 thousand miles away they managed to maintain their relationship for three years straight until my Dad could stand it no longer and asked my Mom during one of their very few phone conversations to marry him. Unfortantely, Mom had larynginitis at the time so Dad wasn't able to get a straight answer for a while. God! That must have killed him!

   Soon afterwards my Mom graduated from Strattford packed up her things, said goodbye to her mother & divorced father, her best friend Lynn whom she promised and has miracously still kept in contact with, and her childhood home to join my Dad in America. Their wedding was a small but exciting one since Dad was the youngest nephew and the first one to get married so everybody was making a huge fuss about it. Ironically, my parents were the last to have children but then again my Aunt Chrissy (whom was the first to give birth), my Dad's older sister, was always the competive to the end type. On their wedding day my Dad wore a black & white tux and Mom wore a blue dress with white spots all over it with lace on the cuffs and neck. Pretty non-tradtional I know but hey it was still one the four special somethings you know something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue so it was not like she "abandoned" the ways of regular marriage. They rented a hotel by the sea for the service, Mom was led down the aisle by Dad's favorite cousin John, the Preacher was getting ready to begin the ceremony, and Dad's mother (my grandmother Emily) was firmly strapped into her seat by thick ropes as to resist the tempation to get up and forbid her baby boy to ever leave her. My Aunt said it was a real romantic wedding like something out of a movie but what was especially funny is when the preacher said, "...for sickness and in health, for richer and for poor" Mom and Dad burst out laughing because they were both extremely broke!

   They're marriage was tough one, however, dealing with poverty, living in Wisconsin, finishing up college, helping Mom get her American citizenship, and finally having Heather and me for children. I'm the oldest actually but Heather is the one that truly looks older but it wouldn't matter if she was young or old or anything of the like because I still think she is the most beautiful girl in the entire family even Mom & Dad agree with me on that. But God have pity on my soul and my body if my female cousins ever find out that I said such a thing.

   Although, Mom & Dad have had to deal with tons of junk along the way with their marriage like incompatibilty, Dad's anger, my disability, our constant moving around, Heather & I fighting alot, etc. etc. etc. They'e gotten through it all and not once have they cheated on each other and believe me there has been plenty of tempation along the way. Most of the people who work in the foreign service are single or soon-to-be divorced and Dad with his sweetheart abilities (why couldn't that have changed along with his looks?) and Mom's dominating mysterious nature (most men won't admit it but every single one in the history of creation loves the  strong dominative type) they've been hit on PLENTY of times even in front of Heather and me. I've got the nightmares and the emotional scars to prove it! But not once has their attention ever strayed. Dad once said to me, "the best thing that ever happened to me besides having you and Heather of course was meeting your mother." I don't know if Mom feels the same but I know for a fact that Dad could probably hit on by BOTH of the Hilton sisters at the same time and not even raise one eyebrow.

   So you see? Having a good and successful marriage IS possible! Its not easy but it is possible and it also doesn't have to be your first or even your second marriage to be the right one. You gotta take alot of chances in life my Mom & Dad took theirs when they decided that against all the odds their marriage and their love for each other was going to survive and I hope one day, no matter who it is or how I met him, I'll meet someone that I can be just as loyal and as faithful to like my Mom & my Dad are to each other.

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  1. Hello!

    Just came across your blog from another site. Had to check it out when I saw you use a pseudonym. (Me too, us pen names have to stick together)

    A great looking blog you have here. Fantastic graphics. And this post was quite uplifting. Good job!

    I wish you well in your writing career. Consider me a new follower, because again, us pseudonyms are of the same ilk.



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