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Friday, July 15, 2011

Got an editor!

Finally, I can get some help on my manuscripts! He sent me a contract which seems perfectly legit. Very fair terms. It's no secert I need an editor and he seems cool and reasonable. Harrison Bradlow is his name. He writes science fiction I believe. So he is a fellow indie author such as myself. It will be nice to get some back-up and help on my work. Who knows? Maybe if he needs a cover artist, he can hire my best friend too who does mine as well.
Still don't know much about him. Except I think he is married and lives in Vegas. My father is a bit worried. But the fact is i need an editor if I want my series to be a success and the guy seems to be willing to help. Sometimes you just got to trust people. Besides he is a fellow indie author and we have a code of honor right?
"Support each other as much as possible"
So far he is working on my second book

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