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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shall I compare my week to a migraine! Hell yeah!

Why is my life a migraine? I'll tell you why its because I've got so much stress my damned college classes, my fear of failing them, being able to balance all my bills, my transportation problems, the staff, my schedule, my upcoming trip home, and the next summer session I'm supposed to take in the middle of freaking July until August! Dear God! I'll be melting like a vanilla sundae by the end of the summer. The staff at CLE is also a very important factor in my stress level because D.J. and Kelly have both announced that they are quitting and by next week will probably gone forever. I still can't believe it I mean theses were two of the first people I met when I came to CLE but hey they've both said that they are leaving not because of us (the rest of the kids at CLE and me) but for other reasons which they declined to mention but hey all the kids agreed as long as both D.J. and Kelly are happy then we're happy too. We'll miss 'em though.

Fortunately, I've managed to sort a few things out that have been stressing me such as my money issues meaning I'm doing a better job of balancing my checkbook, bills, buying things I want but not using too much money, and finally getting my Blue Shield health insurance up and running. In addition I've finally booked my free round-trip flight back home to D.C. for the summer just in time to make to my sister's high school graduation. I can't wait to see her and everybody!

Not really much to write about except I've hit a few stumbling blocks in my love life I've tried to get Rusty's* (the boy from history class) number but I have just discovered he has a girkfriend. My cute friend Doug* from CompUSA has recently married his girlfriend. Hal* my childhood friend is driving me nuts with damned constant calls. Will* isn't returning my calls or emails! Andrew* the guy I met in Target doesn't want to get involved with anyone after all some stupid fight he got into with his ex. Hmmph if you ask me finding a man shouldn't have to be so damned hard but then again no does ask me anything at all. These days however with extra martial affairs in everything from films to A&E documentaries I supposed I'd better off just being a mistress to some dude who'd shower me with gifts and money until he got tried of me and force me to move onto the next one.

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