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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Son Of CNN Editor Missing In Washington, D.C.

Son Of CNN Editor Missing In Washington, D.C.

When my mother and I first went to Frostburg I talked to this man about editing my manuscript. It didn't really pan out, but we parted on good terms. However, I still kept in touch with him. When I head about this it really struck home.
What's worse is they found the poor kid. He's dead. He was only 22 only two years younger than me. He was their parents only kid. My dad urges me not to make a big deal, but the thing this stuff happens to my mother and father alot as well. They work in the government after all, many times their former bosses or friends are killed overseas and god knows what else. I think it's finally starting to hit me how hard this can be. It's scary, but most of all I am sorry for poor Stephen and his family. I wish there was more I could say but I don't think there is. Most of all, I don't understand what the parents are going through. I never could.

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