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Friday, August 26, 2011

Women and the way they dress

I just recently talked to this author named Luky Sherman (pronounced Lucky) who goes on to describe a harrowing exprience in how she was forced into marriage at age 15. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful she was and the photos that were taken of her. She seems more like a playboy model than an author. Most people would criticize that and I will admit that at first I was apprehensive. But now I applaud her decision because like Erin Brokovich she dresses in a way she sees fit. I often say how I wish we didn't judge people so much by their looks and I still hold on to that statement. Luky is very fortante to be so beautiful and have such a wondeful personality. I think it's cool of her to dress in her own way. She seems very sincere in her beauty and brains which makes her even more enviable. Perhaps that is why so many women critize others. Envy. I will admit that I am envious about how beautiful she is. But I also admit how amazing she is in how she was able to take charge of her own life and destiny, keep her faith, and able to move on with her life. Not only that she is hoping to help others as well.
So if she reads this I just want her to know Luky Sherman like Elizabeth I, Susan B. Anthoy, and so many others you are an inspiration to women everywhere.

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