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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Books being made into movies...

My best friend Kim pointed out to me that books being made into movies are not necessarily a good thing. Plenty of fantasy books have been adapted such as Eragon, Blood and Chocolate, and the Seeker: the Dark is Rising. They were not box office smashes to say the least. Yet Harry Potter (as inaccurate as the films were) was a huge box office check deposited into JK Rowling's bank. The Lord of the Rings movies were huge as well.

I wonder what makes a book adapted into a movie good? my initial belief was if my book gets turned into a movie i will stay out of the project. However, i think the authors stay out of them too much. Maybe if the authors got involved the movies wouldnt suck so much. One of my other friends even pointed out to me "its your book u have a right to make sure its represented right." I think thats the direction Harry and I will go with if Aradia ever gets turned into a film. We will get directly involved in it. We will talk to the casting people, make announcements to the public, and so much more. Its worth a shot after all.

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