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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cry for the Children - A book by Susanna Mahoney

Smashwords - Cry for the Children - A book by Susanna Mahoney:

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The gypsy visualized the solution in her mind and conjures up a replacement bag and had her pet monkey sneak in through the daylight and hook it up to the pole. She trained him to hang it up and opened and closed the line. She looks in the crystal ball and saw the monkey was able to follow instructions and make certain the child was hydrated again.

Extended Description

Madame Eliza knew about the hidden child in the paraplegic apartment; the daughter of light and time was running out for the full moon was coming again. She blocked the dark shadows with another invisible protection spell that stupor the dark villains and the evil master who was on the warpath with the witch who took this child under her/his protection. The child girl Christina has been asleep for the last two weeks as her protector Sam lying in a coma at Chicago hospital. Her mother taken out of the hospital against medical advice and disappear in the mist of the night by the dark shadows human villains to be transported to the evil master lair to be interrogated as to the whereabouts of the missing daughter.

If Detective Mike searched the missing database and linked the missing mother, father and daughter together, he would have solved part of the puzzle. Make the assumption that this family was the connection to this supernatural case with his friend Nick, his sister Sam and F... (Read more)

Adult-Content Rating:

This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages. For more information, see the Support FAQ.
I am 18 or over, and I don't want to see this warning again.

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