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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Gypsy Blood (Carnival Cycle)'

Carnival is a part-time fortune teller and occult trouble shooter and a full-time pain in the neck. Do you have a banshee that needs a tonsillectomy?  Call Carnival. Do you need to give the yo-ho-heave-ho to some troublesome pirate-ghosts? Call Carnival. What about that mummy that thinks she’s a rap artist? Call Carnival.

You see, Carnival is a gypsy. His Poppa calls him a poshrat. That’s Rom, for half-blood. Carnival never listened to his Poppa when he was alive but these days he doesn’t have much of a choice. It serves him right for sticking his Poppa so close to his heart. What a way to treat a dead relative but that’s Carnival for you. A real spontaneous kind of guy. Like when he gives that succubus a permanent case of lockjaw. Or when he invites a full grown demon into the tub for a scrub-a-dub. Or when he falls in love with a vampire. Talk about your pain in the neck.

Gypsy Blood is an 85,000 word fast paced, funny and terrifying novel like nothing you’ve ever read before. The whole thing rolls like an avalanche of skateboards, building to a climactic battle royale between Carnival, his two-timing vampire lover, a she-demon with a mother complex, a social climbing blood god, the collective spirit of the city and a mercenary mariachi band in a rickshaw.

That’s right, I said a rickshaw.

Here’s what reviewers had to say:

“From the opening scene I was hooked. Any man that deems it acceptable to battle a succubus by tap dancing on her teeth is an interesting character. I would sum this one up as a darkly comedic, hard boiled, supernatural thrill ride with one of the most interesting characters to come along in years.” –

“Gypsies. Vampires. Ghosts. I hear those three words, and right away I'm hooked.” – Fearzone

"The genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion." – Edward Lee, author of FLESH GOTHIC and CITY INFERNAL

The book was originally published in hardcover by Five Star, in their now-defunct horror/sf/fantasy line.

It is now available through Crossroad Press – my digital publisher. I’ve attached a epub copy for review. Bold of me, I know – but I am confident enough to predict that the first chapter will either convince you that this book needs review or else convince you that I’m in serious need of medical assistance.

You can buy it at the website.

Or, buy it directly from the publisher, Crossroad Press – where it is available in Kindle, Sony, Nook, ipad, Kobo, pdf and Mobipocket format.

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