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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Universal Mirror Author: Gwen Perkins

Book Title:  The Universal Mirror
Author: Gwen Perkins
Genre: Fantasy

About the Book:  Set in the streets of a medieval city, The Universal Mirror follows the journey of two magicians--the wealthy but carefree Quentin and his friend, Asahel, a lower-class citizen. These two men challenge the laws set down for magicians regarding the practice of magic. Among these rules is the promise never to use magic on the human body. In the dark of night, Asahel and Quentin undertake their mission: learning to heal, rather than harm. This quest takes them to graveyards, royal palaces and finally, into the heart of a conspiracy that goes much deeper than they ever could have imagined. 

Watch a trailer of The Universal Mirror at:

Purchase the Book at:  The e-edition is now available at Amazon for $2.99 or free to Prime users: -- It will be available in print in April of 2012.

and here is the book trailer

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