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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mississauga Blog: Beware vanity press scammers

Mississauga Blog: Beware vanity press scammers: Hardly a week goes by The Mississauga News does not get a self-published book for review.
If you’re thinking of joining this throng, here’s a bit of unsolicited advice: don’t go near that keyboard. (Trust me, you’ll thank me later.)
Now, I’m not suggesting you abandon your dream of becoming the next James Patterson or John Grisham. Or that you don’t have any writing talent.
What I’m imploring is that if you want to try your hand at publishing a book then go the tried-and-true route and submit your manuscript to a traditional publishing house, not a vanity publisher.
The two are like night and day.
Traditional publishers pay you, you don’t pay them.

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