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Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Witches are people too!"

Tom here from Everyone Matters...

As Halloween approaches, let's talk about witches – since you're seeing a lot of them around. Most people only know about witches from TV and movies, the Halloween costumes and caricatures. Two networks are debuting shows about witches -- Lifetime's 'Witches of East End' and FX's "American Horror Story: Coven." 

I always find myself a little amused at the way Hollywood portrays witches: somewhere between sexed-up goth girls or hellfire-infused, robe wearing devil worshipers.

Because, as it happens -- and I am proud to say - I have several friends that are modern-day Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. They are regular people, with regular jobs who happen to practice a different religion than most would be used to -- although arguably their beliefs pre-date many others by a long, long time.

A few years ago, my wife and I were visiting family in Massachusetts, and we stopped in Salem to introduce our boys to some Witches. We went in one of the local stores and explained to the folks working there that we were looking to "break the stereotypes" associated with Witches. The ladies (yes some dressed in black, but some dressed quite conventionally) were all too happy to talk with our little guys, explaining (in terms a kid would understand) what their beliefs were. One young lady giggled and blushed when our one son said, "But, you're so pretty...aren't witches scary with pointy hats?"

So, you may not be aware that Witches, Wiccans or Pagans exist – and still may not believe in it, which is okay - but there are others that do, and who practice it as their form of spirituality.

At Everyone Matters, we believe that everyone has a right to follow their own form of spirituality and belief system (including not believing), as long as it allows others to believe what they believe, equally. 

FYI - Join us at Everyone Matters - where EVERYONE is allowed to BE who they are, and BELIEVE what they believe -(as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, and they don't FORCE anyone else to believe what they believe!)

FYI - if you're curious about what Wicca is, check out
 — with Cindy Loss.

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