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Friday, June 24, 2011

First summer classes at M.C

   The summer semester started yesterday, and just as Ester had promised me she picked me up at 10:15 to give me a ride to the campus, and a pep talk. I'm so glad Ester's my friend she's really nice, kind, and always shows concern for me. When I first met her I gotta admit I was a bit intimdated but only because she was so grown-up, ladylike, and mature. As soon as we go to know each other, however, I began to relax alot more. Apperances can sure be decieving can't they? Its funny how I had had the same kind of case with an old friend of mine Alexandra Smolen. She was really nice, and fun to hang out with but she was also very elegant, rich, and sophisicated so needless to say I felt like a complete redneck but she didn't seem to care and for that I was appreciative. Alexandra is actually pretty talented in addition to being so ladylike, she can play the flute, has impeccable fashion taste, great flirting skills (one guy tried to withstand her charms and cracked like a three month old rotten egg after 20 minutes), and is not snobby or rude in the least even though her family is extremely rich I think they own an art import company or something of the like so they have all kinds of neat artwork, clothes, furniture, heck even the outside of their house looks like a work of art. She can also draw really well (great in fact!) and is always up to speed when it comes to new Manga (Japanese comic books: its their real name) so if you've ever want to read or find a new series she is defintitely the one to go to.

    Anyway, back to the first day of class as I said before Ester came and picked me up (I cannot tell you how nervous I was so its a good thing she was there or else I would've worn a hole through the living room floor from my anxious pacing) but, thankfully, before she arrived my Dad called the house to talk to Mom, wished me lots of luck, and said no matter what happened as long as I tried my best he would be proud of me. My Dad can be so cool sometimes a jerk as well but hey aren't all Dad's like that?

     I got to my all classes and thank God they were the right ones. Isn't so annoying looking all around the campus for the right class, and walking or find yourself sitting in the wrong one? It bothers the hell out of me! Luckily, I found my way easily and my teacher seemed to be a pretty nice guy the students weren't so bad either. However, the funniest part of the day was my second class the Basic English II thing because as I getting all my stuff ready who should walk in but my old classmate Torrell*! I could've screamed right then and there! How ironic that when I first decided to go to M.C. I was worried about seeing him or anybody else there and everybody told me that the cances were very slim. Oh yeah very slim indeed! He smiled when he saw me with that usual cocky smile he was always flashing back in high school. You see he was part of the so-called "in crowd", which mostly consisted of rich kids, blonde bimbos who'd sell their bodies for any price, and egotistical prep boys whom made Colin Farrall look like the pope! I don't know where Torrell was ranked but everybody seemed to be crazy about him. I, however, had no such feelings for him. In fact, when I was in High School I was quite the Susan B. Anthony always shooting my mouth off at the smiling testosterone addicted jerks, cracking compilicated jokes at the Paris Hilton look-alikes, and God only knows what else. It was two years ago and besides how the hell would I know of what I acted like? One thing I know for sure though I was definitely never ignored. "I won't be ignored Dan!"

    Luckily, Torrell and I both realized that we weren't High School in anymore I mean its one thing to constantly spar with each other in class in our senior year but its a whole another thing when we get into college. I just hope it can stay that way because frankily I do NOT want to relive any of the troubles or problems I had back then at Mont. college. *Sigh* Life just ain't is it? 5 thousand students in all the daily, weekly, and monthly classes and I just HAPPEN to get the one English class Torrell is enrolled in. And if anybody cracks a joke about this being an "act of fate" or "maybe we're destined to get know each other better" and especially *shudder* "maybe you and him will get married one day." Well...let's just say they'll find Jimmy Hoffa, the lost city of Atlantis, and discover a cure for P.M.S before they find your body!

   Besides, I already have my sights on someone (an old family friend actually) and although he may be dating someone at the moment pretty soon he'll look at me and the rest will be history. Just you wait and see. Just you wait.

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