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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dealing with others has never been my strong suit

A part of me knows because I am so weird and I come on strong that no man will have me. In addition to having to learn how to deal with people better for the sake of my folks and others. In a perfect world I wish I could live a real isolated part of the world and away from people. That way i never have to worry about people judging me or doing anything to please others. I wish I didn't have to change to please others but I must. It's sad though. I think one of the reasons I like writing is I can be judged but not too personally. Ironically it's one of the reasons why I accept everyone for who they are in spite of everything or at least I like to believe that I do. It's because I know how hurtful judging can be. It's sad but I guess it's part of life.

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