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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Personality Quiz with my answers

 1. Are you a Cat or Dog person?  Cat

2. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Neapolitan

3. Are you a Pool or Beach person?  Beach

4. Are you your Mother's child or are you your Father's child?  Daddy's Girl

5. Are you more the Mathetician or the Artist type?  Neither I suck at both but I do love looking and collecting art.

6. How many kids do you want?  Three: Eldest boy, middle girl, and youngest boy

7. Do you Kiss on the 1st Date?  Yes but only if he's comfortable about it

8. Dream Vacation Spot?  Hawaii

9. Favorite Piece of Jewelry?  A large green agate stone pendent my mother bought me in Egypt

10. Favorite Article of Clothing?  My Disneyland sweatshirt that I've had since I was ten and never outgrown.

11. What reality show would you like to be on?  Hate to admit it but "the Bachelor"

12. Favorite Hobby?  Shopping

13. Ever have a one-night stand?  Nope at least not yet

14.  Do you sleep on your Stomach, Back or Side?  Side

15.  Do you preferr to sleep alone or with someone?  Someone

16. Do you believe in love at 1st sight?  Yes although I think you should defintely get to know the person too.

18. Do you have tattoo's?  If so, where?  Nope.

19. Do you preferr Blonde, Burnette, or Redheads?  Burnette

20. Are you a Indoor or Outdoor Person?  Indoor

21. Do you like to Eat in or Eat out?  Eat out but only because my cooking sucks

22.  Favorite Sport? Hockey

23.  Sport you are best at?  None

24. Do you preferr Rainy Days or Sunny Days?  Sunny

25. What is your Dream Car?  Ford Mustang

26. Actor or Actress you would like to meet?  Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Lopez

27. When breaking up with someone, how do you do it? Sometimes (but I'm not proud of it) I just ignore them or don't return their calls but if all else fails I confront them and tell them that I don't want to see them.

28. Favorite Shoe Brand?  Skechers

29.  Actor or Actress you would like to sleep with?  John Stewart

30. Favorite Cartoon?  Winx Club (strange as it may sound)

31.   Your Shoe Size?  7 and a 1/2

32..  A Language you would like to learn?  German

33.  How fast can you type? Considering I only type with one finger pretty darn quick I must say

34.  Dream Job? Editor and Chief of a trend magazine

35. Which chicken place is better, "PopEye's" or "Kentucky Fried Chicken"?  Popeye's their chicken skin is delish.

36. Do you preferr Wine or Beer?  Wine even though I can't really drink due to my medication .

37. Would you rather go to a Bar or a NightClub?  Neither give me a good ol' coffehouse or cafe anyday.

38.  Are you a EarlyBird or a Night Owl?  Early bird

39.  Best Food Dish that you can make?  Spagetthi and meat sauce

40.  Favorite Movie?  Gidget the first one

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