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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New summer semester

  On the 23rd, is when I'm supposed to go M.C. (Mont. College) to start some new classes. Needless to say, I'm nervous as hell! Its not like I haven't been in these kind of situations before, going to a new school and all, its just this is college now so things are gonna be plenty different. New expectations, new kinds of curriculam, new everything basically. I know it shouldn't bother me too much because its not High School anymore and doesn't have the kind of immaurity level such as, rumor spreading, bathroom tagging (at least I hope so) etc. etc. Still, I can't help but be a bit hestiant since good first impressions have never been my best personality trait. Oh well, "play with the cards you're dealt with" that's my Dad always says.

   Speaking of Dad, on March 18th right before spring break (spring break in March can you imagine?) I'll be going to visit him in Jakarta where he is currently working. No, my parents are NOT divorced they're just diplomats (actually my Dad is the diplomat Mom is more a foerign service worker) so they travel alot. Since Dad retired from the State Deoartment two years ago, 25 years was all he could take lest he end up in the lonny bin muttering "can't sleep politics will eat me, can't sleep politics will eat me," he's had to look for other assignments from diffferent international companies. Problem is though he doesn't like to travel and leave us, my Mom, sister, and me all alone especially for long periods of time. However, with the war in Iraq relationships between America and other countries have grown quite tense (suprise, suprise) so they need people like my Dad, and sometimes my Mom as well with exprience to help patch things up. Dad complains that all that basically is making excuses, buttering up the leaders, protecting our economic investments, and trying not to look like complete jackasses. Richard Nixon eat your heart out! Nevertheless, according to a minor character from Veronica Mars (UPN 20 show, coolest ever, check it out at once!) and I quote, "The whole thing reeks of foul play like Bill Clinton's wedding vows." Ironically, Clinton had the same kind of style as Richard Nixon even the cheating kind though it is very clear to see that Clinton is the one who needed to lay off the viagra. What DOES that man eat for Christ's sake?

     Favorite episode of favorite show is on today! WOOHOO! Can't wait even got the DVD player set up to record the whole she-bang. Cannot wait simply cannot! But I tell ya whenever I watch my favorite I can't help but feel a bit envious. Not of the actors, mind you, they're just doing their jobs. Nope, I'm actually more envious of the characters themselves. Ex. when I watch these characters move around in the show and see how the story unfolds I can't help b ut feel jealous of how simple things seem to be. I mean, in the show there are no huge differences between good or evil. You do what's roght and that's that. You also get to inevitably hook up with the person you're so clearly in love with, save the day, kick the evil guy's butt all the way back to the slimy pit of hell from which he crawled from, and if you're lucky ytou have a whole new adventure just waiting to be seized. *Sigh* So compared to what is the real world its not hard to feel that you'd rather have a fictional character's life then a real one. In reality, there are no simple answers or right from wrong. Its only if you're lucky you get those kinds of choices. Most often, folks get stuck with decisions that both seem to be the right one but need to made for either different reasons or different people. Politicans, teachers, hell even mothers get these kind of situations. Having to make a choice of what is morally right or what is right for their family. Case in point, Abe Lincoln, Coach Carter, and lifetime movie "Weed" that actually won a golden globe.

   Going to see the Weisslers today as well, pray that I don't get too annoyed by Nathan. He's not a bad kid he just has problems and its hard for him to understand certain kinds of things unless they're made perfectly clear. But hey, if anyone knows what's like to have issues its me so at least I can understand how hard it is for him. Wish me luck just the same!

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