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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I love manga!

Today I can officially go out and buy my manga book! I'm so happy! I totally love this new series and the latest volume just came out (# 10) and I absolutely must have it! It's this really cool story about a girl getting zapped back in time (of course), and meeting this drop-dead gorgeous guy named Prince Kail. At first, the girl (Yuri) is pretty hesitant towards him since he's a real playboy and is one of those kinds of men whom think that women only exist to give men something to do. You just can't escape that stereotype.  Anyhoo, so she runs away from him when he protects her from the soliders that come looking for her (course he just HAS to kiss and grapple her in order do so doesn't he?) but then she gets captured and fins out that the reason she has been brought here, to the Ancient Middle East where I used to live (sweet huh?) is because the evil Queen wants her son to become the next emperor but since he is the sixth prince and therefore the last in the line of inheritance she has to get rid of the other princes before him. So she prays to the storm god that she serves and asks for a human sacrifice to set the curse she put them in motion, which coincedentaly turns out to be Yuri. So she gets scared and tries to tell the emperor whats going on (after all his sons are danger too) but alas, the Queen gets to him first and sets up a public appointment for the sacrfice ritual. She lies about its true purpose of course but just as Yuri is about to be executed Prince Kail saves her (again!) and says that in order to be a sacrifice a woman has to be a virgin (they always do don't they? Why can't sluts be just as useful for ritual killings huh?! Sexist pigs!) so in order to save Yuri he jazzs up a story that he recently took her viginity (which of course he has NOT because Yuri is most definitely not that easy. Atta girl!) luckily everybody buys it and for the moment Yuri's safe. The story goes on and gets even cooler along the way and like all romantic tales Yuri does end up falling for Prince Kail and he with her. Problem is, however, she is from 500 years in the future and Kail, though being the THIRD prince, is most likely going to be the one to become the next and most powerful emperor. So naturally, he needs a good queen to be by his side and bear his children. Although, everybody thinks Yuri is more then suitable for the job, thanks to the all good things she does to help the common people and the battles she helps Prince Kail win, she believes that she's not good enough to be his wife. Man! Love sure is complicated ain't it?

    But its an awesome series (known to all as "Red River") and I recommend it to everybody! Funnily enough, I first read it when I went to visit a college in Viginia and instantly got hooked but since Dad doesn't think my obsession with cartoons is good he didn't buy it for me. Well, would he rather I watch the O.C. and learn how to get myself impregnated with three different guys including my best friend's own one? At least with cartoons I can use my imagination instead of my hormones. Anyway, since I didn't write the title down  I forget it and it took me three years to find it again. When I did it was in the middle of Barnes & Nobles and once I figured out it was the ONE my eye started to twitch and I screamed as loud as I possibly could, "WOOOOHOOOOO!" Kim, my friend who was there with me, didn't speak to me for a week after that. But hey for all my quirky and weirdness Kim still loves me. After all, if I wasn't around who else would there be to give her hope? Besides according to my father, mother, sister, cousins, and ironically my threapists as well, "With you around Laura who the hell needs cable?" Thank you, Thank you very much.

 Oooh but I sincerely hope that they still have a copy handy or else I'm gonna have to go all the way to Lakeforest to get it. Damn you Gods of the Bookworms! Why is it that whenever I like a certain kind of series it is always the one that is hard to find? Why do you torment this way? WHYY?! Ah well, life goes on i supposed but wish me luck and on the rare (well sometimes rare I guess) occasion I go postal pray for my family, my soul, and that my lawyer is still willing to take my calls.

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