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Monday, June 27, 2011

An interesting week indeed

 Mom & Heather are supposed to come home from London today! I can't wait to see 'em! I hope they had a good time because Mom had to go there for a business trip, and Heather's been going through alot of crap with her friends hence accompaning Mom to the U.K to get some relaxation.
Still, I hope Heather had a good time in England Lord knows she could use a break it is after all her JUNIOR year (the most brutal year of High School) and she's been under tons of pressure not only from her studies but her grades, choosing colleges, requirements for graduation, and especially the new SAT! Poor thing I really do feel sorry for her and I pray that she'll be able to get through this with her sanity still  intacted. Although, Heather & Mom went to England by themselves and I stayed at home I mangaed to have a good time just as well because even though Mom does trust me she thoughht someone should stay at home to look after me. So my cousin Justin, and his girlfriend came to stay the week at our house. We had a great time too! Lissa (Justin's girlfriend) was very nice, and I enjoyed getting to know her as much I got to know Justin. Dad's family is from the West Coast (California) and even though he lives in Washington D.C. on the East Coast his sister, and two cousins still live there. Only reason Dad lives so far away is because he works for the central government so he needs to be near the place its located. Case in point: Washington D.C. the nation's capitol the irony is that he works for the foreign service so it really doesn't matter if he lives near Washington because he always ends up going tens of thousands of miles away from it. Its no picinic living far away from my cousins I admit especially when I was younger and wanted to spend time with them. But we've managed to keep in touch over the years heck when my family and I moved to Egypt they still sent their presents to us for Christmas despite the huge postal cost and the international red tape that they must've gone through. Also, when my Dad got sick and even though it was right in the middle of the year so my aunts, and uncles were undoubtly swamped with work they called ever chance they could to talk to Dad, comfort Heather, me and especially my Mom, and visit us! Sure they may not be the greatest family considering the hostility that exists between them and my mother. My dad was the youngest nephew and son of the true tie to the family, my grandmother Emily, so when he suddenly showed up with a complete stranger attached to his arm and a ring on his finger... well, needless to say there was a tiny bit of apprehension. Its funny, however, because even though my mom and dad were the first ones in the family to get married they were the last to have children!  My Aunt Chrissy, and Uncle Mike became the first parents so it shouldn't be too suprising since she's my Dad's older sister and was the competetive type. But its not like she got married for that reason alone because my dad and her parents had gone through a REALLY messy divorce so when probably she and Uncle Mike decided to get married she wanted to absolutely sure that their marriage would last. Dad did mention to me that Aunt Chrissy had dated alot before she settled down and the reason was most defintely being positive that she was marrying the right person. Funnily enough, my mom and dad had gotten married whenever they were much younger then my cousin Justin and his girlfriend they were still very careful about their decision because they both came from divorced families. A blessing in disguise I must say because if Mom hadn't know the consequences of divorce she and Dad may have not been able to work things out as well they did.

   I gotta admit it was a weird exprience having my cousin stay over with his girlfriend because whenever I talked to Lissa (his girlfriend's name) I starteed wondering about the possibility of us eventually becoming in-laws. I know its way too earlt to tell way, way, wayyyyy too early. After all, both she and my cousin just moved here from California and Colorado and they're still trying to make good on their budget and living conditions. They both jobs so work is definitely not going to be a big problem. In fact, the reason why Justin moved here in the first place is because he's been cursed with the same ambition and dream as Dad. An ambition, a dream not to mention an intense love of international conflicts and travel.  Its also pretty funny that only does Justin want to become a foreign service worker like my dad he acts, talks hell even thinks so much like him that if I wasn't postive he was my cousin I'd think he's my Dad's illegitmate son! Why am I postive? Because chances it would take less time for hell itself to freeze over than for my Dad to even consider having an affair. He's crazy about mom and although Aunt Chrissy may be the one that can completely control him my mother would just have to ask my Dad once for him to walk all around the entire Earth 5 times just to pick her favorite flower. Mom may not appear to have the same obession of Dad as he with her but to tell the tuth Mom would gladly sell her soul to the Devil himself than for Dad not to be her husband for just one day.

   Dad called me yesterday, come to think of it, he just wanted to check up on me and see if I was doing okay. I am okay but I must confess I miss him so much. Its just not the same with Dad not being here its like a huge part of my life has been cut straight out of me. But hey, I'm going to see him soon enough in March to be specific for spring break and I'll spend it entirely with him in Jakarta and in Bali. I simply cannot wait! I've even begun taking requests from my friends if they would like for me to get them something when I go. I've also bought a scrapbook to record and save mementos for my time spent with Dad.

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