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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tongue piercing causes disease

  Kim and I went to see an Anime Convention today! It was sooo cool! We saw all kinds of neat art, costumes, and merchandise I was even able to finally buy a keychain of Kouga from Inu Yasha you know the wolf demon dude (I adore him!)We also played "spot the character" with the people wearing costumes in hushed voices so no one would notice or be insulted but some did give us a few stares but hey they're the ones dressed up like cartoons. Basically, that was all I did today but I gotta admit that I am worried about something. There's this class I'm taking called Reading & Writing Adv. (a pre-requisite thing so I didn't nessarily choose it) and I've been absent quite often hell I've already used my four absences for the rest of the semester but hey I'm still new at this stupid college system thing so it isn't that unbelievable. But I've been keeping up with the class, pretty dedicated to my work, and the teacher is impressed with my performance so at least I have a sporting chance of not being dropped from the class besides why would I want to miss anymore of them the only reasons why I missed the others was 'cause I was tired but from now on I won't ever miss a class and should a doctor's appt. or something come up I'll just reschedule it.

    Heather's doing okay I supposed but things are still bad between her and that asshole of a human male A.J. GRRRR If I knew what this guy looked like I would march straight up to him, and kick him so hard that he's gonna wish for the rest of his life that he was born a girl! Damned jerk! How dare he treat my sister like some kind of toy?! I wish I could give him a piece of my mind and my fist to wash it down with. But hey he's Heather's BGF (Best Guy Friend) so it's gotta be her decision of what happens besides she's got a good head on her shoulders. People might not realize it especially Mom and Dad but Heather is a very smart girl and no matter she choice she makes she always makes sure that its the right one. Sure she's had her problems like rebelliousness, sketchy friends, marijuana, alchol, and deliberately disobeying orders like not getting her tongue pierced or nose but all teenagers go through that one way or another. She may have exprienced that crap but while others have totally lost themselves along with their futures Heather has kept at her school work, not skipped any classes save a few at random times, not lost her place on the honor roll, gone on to anything stronger like heroin, crack etc. and when Mom asked her to take the piercing out of her tongue she did just that because of two things one) Mom explained how much she hated it. two)having your tongue pierced can cause you to have a heart attack at an early age.

Here's a link for further proof
Entitled Teen's tongue piercing causes ‘suicide disease’
Severely painful nerve disorder the latest on list of complications

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