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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Personality Quiz based on tales of aradia!

Directions to take this quiz: It will introduce to you the most important characters featured in the series and help to see which character's personality matches your own. Look at the questions and circle the letter to which answer you would likely choose. Tally up the number of times you have circled the letter to match the answers at the bottom. This will tell you which character you resemble and hopefully pique your interest to read more about Tales of Aradia the Last Witch.

0.      If someone or a group of people were staring at you strangely what would you do?
            a. Ignore them, and go on about your business.
            b. You would think that they have serious problems, and openly show your disdain for them.
            c. Go up to them, and demand angrily why they are staring at you.
            d. Smile and then mock them loudly for all to hear thus embarrassing them in front of everyone. Serves them right.
            e. At first ignore them, but then systemically find out who they are and punish them appropriately. No one does anything without your permission.

2. When you were in high school what was the worst thing you had to handle?
            a. Bullying
            b. Dealing with people who you thought were beneath you.
            c. Relationships
            d.  Are you kidding? I loved high school! So many people to pick on.
            e. What are you talking about? I could handle anything.

3. If you see someone who is considered popular being injured what do you do?
            a. You help them because they are hurt
            b. Ignore them and go about your business
            c. Avoid them deliberately.
            d.  Are you kidding? There is no one more popular than me!
            e. Gain their trust by helping them and then use it to your advantage.

4. Honesty...what does that word mean to you?
            a. You believe everyone should be honest
            b. If it can help you get what you want then sure
            c. Only when necessary
            d. Truth hurts enough said
            e. It is overrated

5. If you thought you could help solve a crime...
            a. You would do it in a heartbeat
            b. If it has nothing to do with you then it is best for you avoid it
            c. Doubt you could be that useful.
            d. What's your point?
            e. Why bother? Crimes occur all the time it's no big deal doing anything because another will always occur.

6. If you discovered one of your best friends had a very dark secret what would you do?
            a. You look past that and accept them for who they are.
            b. Avoid that person
            c. It depends
            d. Can you say blackmail?
            e. Pretend to accept it but at the right opportune moment use it against them.

7. What do you value the most?
            a. Your independence
            b. How you appear to others
            c. Staying true to your family roots
            d. You are the most valuable person on Earth! 
            e. Power and obedience from others

8. If you had to choose between your love life or helping others what choice would you make?
            a. Helping others
            b. My love life obviously
            c. It depends if others include my family
            d. Why choose? I am more than capable of doing both
            e. Neither such a choice is stupid

9. What do you think makes a family?
            a. Love is all that matters
            b. Being taken in when you have no where else to go
            c. Genetics
            d. What you can inherit and what is expected of you
            e. If they help you achieve what you want then you have them but never let them forget they are your property and yours alone.

10. You choose your friends because...
            a. They are nice
            b. They are just classy as I am
            c. We have so much in common
            d. They recognize your importance
            e. They fear you, obey you, and will help you achieve power.

11. Changes in your world
            a. You feel everyone can make a difference
            b. Your experience is things never change
            c. Things are okay the way they are now
            d. If it is necessary than I will do it for the good of my people
            e. Only if they are to your advantage and you are making them.

12. If your friend was hurt because of you
            a. You automatically blame yourself
            b.  You think blaming yourself solves nothing
            c. You deliberately go out of your way to make it right
            d. That would never happen
            e. What's your point?

13. Sacrificing yourself...
            a. If that's the only way then yes
            b. You don't see the point
            c. It doesn't solve anything
            d. Are you kidding?
            e. You can make others do it

14. Your opinion...
            a. You are honest but you say it in the nicest way you can
            b. You are brutally honest
            c. You tell them what they need to hear
            d. Is all that matters
            e. Your word is your law.

15. If you see a girl beat up a group of thugs all by herself
            a. You go "Whoa!"
            b. You are amazed at her strength
            c. Feel weird about being around someone that strong
            d.  Now there's a girl who won't be able to get a date for the prom
            e. You sense a potential rival for power

16. Sensitivity...
            a. You realize how harsh the world can be
            b. Other people's insults, and opinions mean nothing to you
            c. If someone hurts you, you automatically let them know
            d. What's that suppose to mean?
            e.  It is a stupid emotion

17. In a society where there are no laws
            a. If you can you try and change that
            b. You go on with your life regardless
            c. You learn to live with it
            d.  The world is a tough place to live in so it's no surprise to me
            e. Perfect for you to establish your own power in.

18. Your relationship with your siblings
            a. I don't have any
            b. I would trust them with my life
            c. They are my family. Enough said.
            d. I was born first that's all that matters
            e. I have none and if I did as long as they serve me then I care.

19. A good father
            a. Is someone who is always there for you and loves you no matter what
            b. Is someone who does not mistreat you
            c. Is someone who never leaves you
            d. If he has a duty then you can respect what he doesn't have time for you
            e. There is no such thing and no point.

20. Justice
            a. It is more important than anyone realizes
            b. The world is not fair
            c. Any type of justice is better than none.
            d. There is no justice in life
            e. Power is all that matters


If you chose mostly A's

Then the character whose personality matches yours is Aradia the last witch.
You have had a hard life especially with your peers. Friendship therefore means everything to you.  Although you know the world can be cruel you try not to add to it by being honest. You hate to hurt people's feelings. Others mean more to you than yourself. If you can make a difference you do so without any hesitation.

If you chose mostly B's
Then your character matches that of Beau Dayton the four hundred year old vampire and eldest foster son of the head of the zoning board of Salem.
You are realistic and think the world can never change. You are brutally honest because it is the best way to let someone know. However, you are not opposed to lying if it helps you achieve something especially if it concerns your loved ones. You keep to yourself and your involvement in others are limited. You value yourself highly and are not insecure.  

If you chose mostly C's
Then your character matches that of Roy the third eldest son of the owner of the SilverMoon diner, the most popular eatery in Salem, who was born a werewolf.
Insecurity is part of who you are, but you definitely put a value on yourself.  Family is something you are born with and you put up with it no matter what.  Strength is like oxygen to you. No pushes you around. But at that same time you fear abandonment more than anything else.

If you chose mostly D's
Then your character matches that of Tristan the two hundred year old crown prince of the Seelie fae court.
Confidence is what you have in yourself and in your place in the world. No can make you feel bad about yourself because you know how great you are. Making others feel bad, however, is your specialty but you don't mean anything by it. You are harsh but only because you are realistic, you know how tough life can be and don't wish to fool people to think otherwise. You know your duty, your place in life, and embrace with open arms. You like to be around people but you don't need them to validate yourself. You know who and what you are and are proud of it.

If you chose mostly E's
Then your character matches that of the master of all vampires who rules with an iron fist over every vampire in the world including Salem.
You know what is best. You focus on the big picture. Organization and strategy comes to you as easy as breathing. You accomplish more than others. You like to be in control but that's only because you can achieve the most. You reward your followers and friends handsomely but only if they do what you say. You hate to have rivals because that causes chaos and chaos is the one thing you despise.  Accomplishment is what you crave and believe no matter how far you rise there is always more.

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