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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life goes on...

I went to the gym today. Dad has been on my back about it and so has my sister. I have to admit I need to though. Only because I have been craving food too often for comfort. Dad says if I work out than I won't crave food as much. I decided today was as good as any. Problem is I think the painter was supposed to come today and I totally missed him. But since this is a paying job he will be back. The gym was cool, but it's been so long that I couldn't stay long. There was a guy there he sure was cute, but... *sigh* the fact is I go to school in Frostburg which is two hours away. I live here in Bethesda and the odds are I will never be around so to start dating would be stupid. I wish guys were not so weird though. I came on strong to this one guy but he is clearly not interested and now avoids me like the plague like I a going to go all pyscho stalker on him. I maybe passionate but I am not freaking psychotic. If he is not interested than fine! I still think we could be friends, after all El has a serious girlfriend and yet I am friends with both of them. He was way too young anyway. Besides he is a Sarah Palin supporter need I say more?
But the guy at the gym was cool! He had a great tattoo on his arm! I complimented on it and even recognized the birthstone. As well as his cool red NIKE shoes. He helped me with one of the machines. I tried not to distract him after all he was working. But I can't help it. It's ironic how in my books I mention that one of them has a staring problem when I am that way. I cannot stop staring at things. It's just a thing I do. Either way, I dont think I can get involved with anyone at the moment.
There was another guy. An old one who was creepy. Said he had two daughters and stuff. I dont know if I believe him because many weirdos always use lies and all experts say u can never tell who is legit and who is not. Either way, I told him about my book. I didn't tell him my name or address or nothing. If I see him again I will talk but the moment he asks me to hop in a car, or anything I will tell him "I got 911 on speed dial and I am not afraid to use it" but i do hope I get to see the cute guy again. I might go to the gym again tomorrow. I need to get into the habit of it. I may not be ready for a boyfriend but one can never have enough friends am I right?
The irony is if many of those guys get girlfriends well single woman hanging around a guy who has a girlfriend...does the term home-wrecker mean ring a bell? So I can kiss those friendships goodbye. One of the reasons why I don't talk to one of me ex's. He's dating someone and even though we are friends it would make things awkward.
God! I hate romance! It makes things so complicated!

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