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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Theme song

 I know its more a TV show thing but one of the best marketing strategies I think WB ever did when they made the Harry Potter films was creating a song or precisely a tune that would become a trademark for their franchise.
 Harry potter's theme song
  i mean seriously whenever u hear that song as a ringtone or anything else you must automatically recognize it as the harry potter thing. Well i dont know if its that way for everybody but it certainly is for me. I think its also what made the movie Halloween so recognizable. No offense to John carpenter i will always prefer the Rob Zombie of the film better but only because he explains more about where Michael Meyer's psychosis came from. Word of warning, it is very gory and deserves every bit of its Rated R labeling.
I have always appreciated music even though i rather poke my own ears out then sing at my church group. I maybe practically tone deaf but still i believe that in the fashion of renditions to songs i think there are two from the 80's who in spite of being electronic songs would be better as rock songs.
Sunglasses at night by the artist Corey Hart i think would be a great rock song without the electronic beats featured in it. I kind of always hoped that maybe by chance another artist would also see this but since we are not mind readers...
Anyhoo, the ultimate goal of a writer (ironically) is to see their book turned into a movie. I do not wish for this to happen until after I graduate from college but being the dreamer that I am i like to plan ahead. Therefore, i have decided that if Tales of Aradia is ever made into a film I want sunglasses at night as a rock rendition to be the franchise's theme.
For a while I thought anyone could sing this song then I remembered a music video and artist I liked.
 Fefe Dobson - Ghost - YouTube
I originally thought this song would make a good tv theme but then I realized it would make somewhat sense for me to choose the artist to sing the theme song. This artist may have a bit of electronic in her music but it is clear she considers herself as a rock star. Therefore, why not have her sing it and her version be the theme eh?
Of course, I don't want to do this without Harry's consent. Hopefully, he will be on the same page but keep in mind Tales of Aradia being made into a film is probably going to take more than five years to do. Who knows if Ms. Dobson will even want to do it anyway?
But like I said I like to think ahead.

P.S. in case your wondering yes her name is pronounced as Fee-fee dobson. She is from Canada.

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