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Monday, April 2, 2012


Since publishing Tales of Aradia I have gone through many phases of choosing cover art. my best friend Kimberly Mattia designed the first cover and it was really lovely. However, I was not totally satisfied with it. I wanted a cover with a bit more realism. So i branched out and started looking around. Unfortunately, i soon discovered that similar to editorial services they were pretty darn expensive. Therefore, I looked to my editor who soon suggested his own cover artist Lam Lu. I loved his art but it wasn't exactly what i was looking for. But since i didn't have any other option i went with them. However, three days ago I saw an ad in a facebook group where someone named Harris Channing was offering really good deals for cover art.

I thought what the hell and asked her to design them for me. A day later she sent me these:

magnificent huh? All she charged me for both was $45.00. The transaction was easy, fast, and very satisfactory. Therefore, I have chosen Harris Channing to be my permanent cover artist. You can look forward to seeing more of her magnificent work on the rest of the series. In fact, after the second volume is done by editing by Harrison R. Bradlow I will commission Harris to make a brand new cover!

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