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Friday, April 6, 2012

Female characters...

Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women | Overthinking It

well i was reading that article and while it did have some valid points most of it i think should get the author a sharp bitch-slap to the face!  What I agreed with is that it does indeed portray women as sexual perfect objects but the thing is whats wrong with looking sexy? Many women I know who chose to dress in those kind of things get all kinds of crap because they chose to look nice or sexy as u put it. However, just because they look good doesnt make them any less secure. For example my sister is truly one of the most beautiful women in the world and yet she still thinks she needs to watch her weight. Yes its hard having beautiful women around but the thing is do u honestly believe it truly makes their lives easier? an author I know is named L.A. Sherman and she has been through more shit than I ever have. So what if she wears a mini skirt and makes Tyra Banks look like a feeble old woman? For all the crud she has been through, being sold as a child bride, tortured by her evil mother-in-law, arriving in America with nothing but the clothes on her back and her young son I think she is entitled to do whatever the hell she wants. In the end it is all about choices. Life is full of bad and good things. Yes we can change things but it takes time and bitching and moaning and criticizing others do not solve a damn thing.
 In my opinion, for all the weight u lose you cannot change ur body type. Everyone is born with a certain look. So what if some girls are stick thin? Do u think they dont get teased for their weight too? People call them anorexic to their faces or sluts in front of their boyfriends and husbands. Can you imagine how L.A. Sherman must feel whenever people compare her to adult film stars in front of her kids and husband. The fact that she does not punch them makes me want to salute her. If anyone said that to them hell i would slap and kick them so hard i would be arrested for assault and battery in two seconds flat.

The overall morale of the story (in my opinion) is the fact is that if we hate something we should change it. It takes time and it takes effort but it always possible. It took time to get rid of segregation in the United States (mostly) but it happened in the end. My character Aradia will one day be a symbol of feminine Independence but as what female Independence should be.
And what I define as female independence is:
*seeing something wrong with the world and trying to change it'
*using diplomacy as much as possible
*having men help her because in the end u always need help to do anything
*to never bite the hand that helps you male or female
*to do more than just fight
*to make mistakes but own up to them
*most of all to accept the fact that life is tough but it is action and determination that will make it change. 

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  1. Totally agree. I write strong female characters because I know and respect many strong women in real life. Some of them are gorgeous; some are not. But physical appearance is such a small part of what a person is, right?

    I think times are changing, slowly, and eventually a blog post like yours won't need to be written.


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