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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heat wave

Well, the heat has yet to die down here in D.C. but luckily everybody's being cautious about it showing commericals of how to beat the heat, free bus rides, and drinking centers all over the city in plain view with fresh cold water for those out on the street biggest setback to living in the Nation's capitol you can get lost very easily I've lived here for more than three years and yet I still get lost. Luckily, the construction on the house is drawing to a close, Dad's coming home in two weeks, and Mom & Heather should be back home tommorow. I can't wait to see 'em! I hope they had a good time in Europe with Lynn (Mom's best friend since childhood), Norman (Lynn's husband), and Caitlin (Lynn's youngest daughter that's about Heather's age)

  It may been boring seating around all week but hey I got through it besides it wasn't that bad I got to order and watch tons of cool dvd's like the complete first season of Lois & Clark. I love that show so much in fact I used to watch when I was a kid overseas it was romantic and yet cool! Seeing Lois fall for Superman, Clark hiding both his identity and feelings from her, Lex Luthor hitting on Lois and even asking her to marrry him, and Clark than asking her to marry him but only after quite some time.

   When Lex asked Lois to marry him I was shocked to say the least but even though she clearly loved Superman and not Lex she had to make a choice whether or not to live with a real man or to forever spend her days with her head in the clouds (literally), but it was sad when she said to Lex's proposal because the only reason she did it was because Superman said he couldn't marry her for she only love him as Superman no one else and upon realizing his mistake he flies over to see her and sees the whole proposal and acceptance go down through the window unbeknownst to Lois and Lex than zips all the way to the North or South pole (how can you tell the difference anyway save for the animals? and for the record people penguins live in the South pole not North!) thinks about what just happened, realizes that he has finally lost Lois and to his worst enemy, and screams bloody murder!

 Ah well you know as Shakespeare once said, "the course of true love never didth runneth smooth," too right coming from a guy whom only married his wife because she was carrying his child. Its sad how love can never be as beautiful and as easy as the comic books make it seem I mean main character falls for someone, battles wihtin him or herself what to do about it, and ending up with person. I only fell in love once it did NOT turn out like that.

   Matt from Egypt *sigh* my first true love oh how I admired,  respected, and idolized him true he may have been alot older than me but... Sometimes I wonder where he is to this day but wherever he is I hope he's happy. The sad part about him being my first love was it was at a time where I was all immature, obnxious, rude, and spoiled which I am not anymore (or at least I hope not) so even if the age did make a big difference it wouldn't have mattered in the end if I was just as mature or well-mannered as he was but in the long run he was a good friend and I'm glad I met him.

   I wonder if they'll be working on the porch today if they are I better put some water bottles in the fridge because its supposed to be hotter than hell today not to mention humid. Honestly! How does the swamp thing put up with this crud? But good news is the porch is looking great so far and Mom's gonna be thrilled when she sees it only bad part about the construction ending is I'll never see that cute guy that helps out the carpenter again and I don't even know his name. I mean I know should talk to him but...I just don't know how to approach him because I don't want to want to seem like a character from "Desperate Housewives" that seduces her teenage gardnerer! Sick if you ask me just plain sick and the fact that he treats her like trash...serves her right! OOOhhh how I despise that show and those damned characters and actors like that Jesse Metcalfe fellow or whatever the hell his name is one sharp slap to the face and a swift kick to where it would really hurt him would make me happier than I have been in years! God I hate the media! Just when white women are this close to getting respect for who we are and not what we look like pop culture does something to set us back a hundred years! I mean the way men oogle at me in the street, people speak slowly or describe things like crime scenes gently to me like I'm some stupid four year school girl, and the clothes I'm forced to buy whenever I go shopping to be considered remotely attractive just burns me up!

  *Sigh* but oh well if white women in general are expected to act like submissive sheep that should increase the buyer's price on me by a factor of a thousand. Girls that are beautiful and willing to do what one ask them are dime a dozen but girls whom are both beautiful and intelligent they are a dying breed and therefore are as expensive as blue diamonds! Its actually kind of funny when you think about it I mean in high school and in my current college I am nothing like the other popular, pretty girls that hang on every available male they can get but...well lets just say that after four years of graduating from our high school and meeting up with me later in college Patt, one of the cutest and hunkiest guy I know, still remembered me and thought I was cute while when I asked about his many girlfriends he had had in high school and even now only to get this predictable response, "who?"

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