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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Okay so I talk too fast...I know that!

Today I got into another fight with Teddy over God Knows What and God Knows Why. Well, actually I do know why because the dude is a rude insensitive egotistical punk! I mean the way he talks its no wonder he knows judo or else he get a heck of a beat down from every person he meets! How can people can stand him I don't know and the worst part is I have to put up with him because he and I are in the same program but I tell you whenever he's around its all I can do from smacking him upside the head!

Its funny how he critcizes me for not having a BF when he's in love with a lesbian and has probably never had a girlfriend ever since he learned how to talk. God he is such a hypocrite no wonder Ashley doesn't love him because nobody in there right mind, gay or straight, would ever date some snotty little know-it-all like him!

I just wish people would get off my back about dating its not like I don't want to go out with boys its just...most guys I meet are insensitive creeps and I think that I have enough emotional  baggage to deal without some pimply snothead ragging on me as well.

But not all guys I know are like that like Billy for example he seems nice but unfortantely he's got a girlfriend and number one rule in my dating book is I don't steal other people's boyfriends besides he's kind of old for me but he's sweet and nice and doesn't seem to be annoyed that I talk too much or too fast.

Thats what Teddy's always on my case about come to think of it thats why I got angry at him I mean I don't go out of my way to point out his defects like tickling people in public, being a smart-alec, a insufferable pretty boy, and a cheap no talent poser of a Sk8er Boi but him however he's always going, "Laura you talk too fast, you talk too fast, slow down, you talk too much blah blah!" Doesn't he realize that I'm aware of that?! But hey I can't help it can I? Its just the way I am besides at least I don't offend people I mean its one thing to talk too much but its another to insult people as well which I of course do no such thing or try not to.

I can't help but who I am you know! Its not like I asked to be such a talker but its not like I'm ashamed of it either sure it irritates when "certain" people mention three days in a damned row non-stop but I'm still proud of it I mean like talking people and making them laugh but most of all I like who I am which is more then I can say for Teddy because for as long as he lives I doubt even the most desperate of hookers will want to sleep with him!

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