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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why do writers write?

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Okay so I went home this weekend and on Saturday night my parents and I went to the movies. Of course, since my mother is from the UK and my dad's biggest brag about my mother is "she could out quote Shakespeare" to his own mother, an ESL teacher, we decided to go to the movie Anonymous. The movie was an interesting concept really and full of twists and turns.
If anything it gave my dad another opportunity to bestow "fatherly wisdom." He said that "if anything the movie is living proof that truly writers have a bigger impact on the world than anyone give them credit for."
I think thats very true. It's funny people are always dissing writers and authors for not making any money or being insignificant. However, William Shakespeare is living proof that it is writers that make the biggest difference in the world. Look at the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, but most of all the Bible. Mind you nobody really knows who wrote the bible but the fact is the stories are the ones that seem to last forever.
There are some sad examples in the past of authors who don't achieve status equal to their books such as Bram Stoker, and Jack London. Their books were Dracula and White Fang. Two of the greatest books in the history of creation. Unfortunately, they died broke and alone. However, I doubt that they have any regrets because their work has given them immortal status. When they were alive no one knew them. Now Hollywood adapts their novels more times than anyone can count. I think in the end thats what all writers want. Mind you, i would like to be filthy rich. I wont even deny it. I like luxury and I like shopping! Most of all, I like having my own money. In the end, however, if I die without a penny and yet my books will forever be discussed and read for the rest of eternity then I will have no regrets.
One of the reasons why my editor decided to give my series a chance is because he saw potential in it. He saw that the book, Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume One, had something to offer. This in itself is enough to make me sublimely happy. My parents wonder why I have such faith in him and why I think he is the coolest. It is because of those words. I wonder if his wife worries about taking such a big chance on me and my series. My parents are always worried but the fact is the world of writing hell in the world in general everything is a gamble. I know its a huge risk to trust someone I barely know but the fact that Harry is willing to give my work a chance shows that he too shares my belief in that Aradia may very well be the next big franchise.
Besides Harry and I have been talking and discussing the series for the last two years (I think that is how long, I am not that good at time) so he is no longer a stranger. He has such wonderful ideas and is so very smart. I keep playing with the idea that if he and his wife have a girl they might name her Aradia but I doubt it. Its like my friends named Edward (I have two friends named that) because of the Twilight films they always hesitate to tell people their names.
Either way, the thing I loved about the film Anonymous is the way it showed how hard writing is and how truly monumental it can be. Harry and I both understand that. I can honestly say it might be possible that Will Shakespeare may have been a fraud but in the end I think it doesnt matter. If people enjoy a writers work then that is all that matters.
Empires may fall like Rome or Egypt, rich people may die like Steve Jobs, and people who play huge roles in history may have their reputations tainted like Catherine De Medici. One thing stays the same what people write truly matters. In the end it is all people really care about. What a person writes from lies to truth is what people seem to really notice. All the classic works will always be remember even if their authors will not. No matter how a person changes the world what people write about them is all people will really remember. I think in the end, actions may speak louder than words but speech can be forgotten words however are never forgotten. Because you can always re-read them!

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